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bpalmarketplace's Journal

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BPAL Marketplace
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Please post here for all of your BPAL selling needs! Sell direct, link to selling posts in the BPAL Forums, or announce your Ebay sales! Please no ISO posts - ISO posts will be deleted on sight. We do not have price caps here.

Please refer to this mod notice on proper posting format if you are unsure of how your sales ad can look: http://community.livejournal.com/bpalmarketplace/2927335.html

Other fantastic BPAL communities:
General Chatter -- bpalanonymous
Wishlists -- bpal_wishlists
Swaps -- bpal_swaps
Feedback on LJ Sellers -- bpal_feedback
ISO lists -- bpal_isos

Yay Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab!

If you are looking for a specific blend, we encourage you to buy it from the lab directly.

Just like other BPAL communities, bpalmarketplace has zero tolerance for drama.
Zero tolerance means just that: WE DON'T PUT UP WITH IT! Drama ridden posts and people will be dealt with appropriately.

PMs sent to the mods are not read every day. So please be patient when waiting for a response.

On topic posts:
-BPAL sales (including TAL and BPTP)
-BPAL related sales (boxes, imp cases, BPAL lockets)
-links to auctions

Off-topic posts:
-non-BPAL sales
-sales of products made with BPAL (like lotions, bath bombs, soaps)
-any post that has has any text that is not a sale/auction and is not posted by a moderator or pre-approved by a moderator

all off-topic posts will by deleted on sight with or without warning depending on the mood of the moderator who sees it first

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