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BPAL Marketplace
Sale! Over 10 new bottles 
14th-May-2012 09:03 pm
Hi again lovely bpalers! I still have a few handful of bottles for sale and plenty of new ones as well (yes, I'm still not quite finished destashing!) .

Shipping is $2.50 (First Class w/DC) for as many oils as you want! US only. $10 min, please. I strongly recommend purchasing insurance especially for packages over $50, as I cannot be held responsible if post office loses or damages it (it's never happened to me but you can never be too careful). Note all my fill-level descriptions are approximates (measured to the best of my ability). :) Please note I can only hold bottles for up to two hours. I really need to sell these quickly so if the item is not purchased it will be automatically re-listed.

5ml: (Full to shoulder, unless noted otherwise. Some have dips, most came this way from the lab)

The following bottles are 3 for $15!
  • Threnody v3
  • Phyllocrania Paradoxa v6
  • Pumpkin I 2009

These are 3 for $30!
  • Victoria (aged, wand cap, 50%)
    (Graceful vanilla musk, tea rose, and stargazer lily.)
  • Dead Man's Hand v6 (60%)
    (Prototype, leather)
  • CBBOB1 (85%)
    (Prototype, leather, red musk and wood?)
  • Non-Bpal Violette Market: The Unicorn Horn
    (Shimmering white moon musk, pink-tipped white clover, shamrock leaf, soft white leather, sweet woodlyn twigs, rare white violets, and Scottish heather.)
  • Non-Bpal Blooddrop: Alpine Strawberry
  • Non-Bpal Conjure Oils: Madagascar Vanilla (wand cap)
  • Non-Bpal Moonalisa: Duchess of Willowdale (I believe it's one dram, 90%, roll-on)
    (Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors, Honey, Amber, Pipe Tobacco but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates.)
  • HAEE: Funnel Cake
  • Violette Market: Custom Blend (wand cap)
    (Vanilla, roses, marshmallow, cotton candy, white musk)
  • Violette Market: The White Swan (wand cap)
    ((White musk, white tea, white rose, orange blossoms)
Reg. Sales:
  • Sugar Cookie 2005 - $25
  • PL176 - $22
    (Prototype - I get a fresh, realistic orange zest scent and maybe a bit of a musk/ambery base, it actually reminds me of a little of Bakeneko but with fresh orange zest, please check reviews in the forum)
  • Hatshepsut v3 - $22.50
    (Prototype, smells like slightly dark, fruity and tropical to me, fruity plumeria + hints of creamy coconut, maybe a bit of fig, I swear I get a hint of patchouli, please check reviews in the forum)
  • Vanilla Chaos Theory # 618 - $17
     (My experience: Sophisticated vanilla floral (maybe orchid?) and soft champagne. ymmv!)
  • Vanilla Chaos Theory #572 - $17
    (My experience: Sweet vanilla and a very soft fizzy champagne, maybe some florals too. In fact it reminds me of Gertrude Dix (that Atmo Spray) but with stronger and sweeter vanilla. ymmv!)
  • BPTP: Holiday Diffusing Atmosphere Spray - (a little bit above tol, tested a few times) 4oz - $22.50 (will be shipped securely in a bubble mailer, please add $1 to shipping)
    (Soothe the tensions of the holidays with a kerfuffle-quelling blend of carnation, white sandalwood, vanilla bean, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, bergamot, and lemon peel!)
New decant set (measured from bottom of stopper): $25 shipped!
  • Antique Lace (full to above bottom of stopper)
  • The Wiley Grasser (around 90%, handwritten label)
  • Doc Buzzard (around 90%, handwritten label)

-33 GC imps for $20
-Tristran (60%, wand cap)
Devil's Night 2006 (70%)
Delousing Powder (over 7 partial decants in lab-style bottle, around 65-70% full, no label)
-Non-Bpal Arcana: Rapunzel 10ml
Non-Bpal Arcana: Egyptian Musk (wand cap)
The Ta-Ta (90%)
-The Wild Men of Jezirat al Tennyn
Blood Moon 2005 
Non-Bpal Arcana: Violette Market: Grandmother (wand cap)
-Chaos Theory: O Series (wand cap, between shoulder and tol) $17 (On me this smells like O + soft, sweet red musk)

Imps/Decants: All around lab-full (which is usually 80% to around the bottom of stopper) unless noted otherwise. Labels range from new condition to either a little bit worn, torn, curled or stained. I unfortunately don't have the time to list the label condition on each one so that's why I'm selling them in this lot.

Take all 19 LE and TAL decants for $20!
  1. Spanked Revisited
  2. Sara Pezzini
  3. Dr. Henry Jekyll (2/3)
  4. Dr. Edward Hyde (85%)
  5. The Convocation (2/3)
  6. Trevor Bruttenhelm
  7. Horrid Mysteries (60%)
  8. Samhain 2004
  9. Ov5
  10. Chimera v5
  11. TX30
  12. Blood Moon 2005 (40%)
  13. Dolce stil Nuovo
  14. Mouse's Long and Sad Tale v5 (tester)
  15. TAL Crown of Success
  16. TAL Middle Pillar
  17. TAL Peace
  18. TAL Meditation
  19. Benevolent Triple Conjuction

Take all 33 GC imps for $20! SOLD!
  1. Snooty Rose
  2. Two Five and Seven
  3. Brown Jenkin
  4. The Light's of Men's Lives
  5. Dana O'Shee
  6. Phantom
  7. Black Phoenix
  8. Queen Alice
  9. Whip
  10. Fenris Wolf
  11. Eat Me
  12. The Lion (2/3)
  13. Hellfire (2/3)
  14. Iago (2/3)
  15. Haunted
  16. The Rose
  17. Thanatopsis (2/3)
  18. Roses, Pearls & Diamonds (2/3)
  19. Antony
  20. Baghdad
  21. Jack
  22. Grandmother of Ghosts
  23. Bastet
  24. Jezebel
  25. Sin
  26. Dorian
  27. Mad Hatter
  28. Satyr
  29. Vicomte de Valmont
  30. The Scales of Deprivation
  31. Aizen-Myoo
  32. Lady Macbeth
  33. Dirty

15th-May-2012 01:28 am (UTC)
Can I please get your Tristan, Devil's Night 2006, & Delousing Powder for $15? Thank you!
15th-May-2012 01:31 am (UTC)
They're yours! That will be $17.50 to: claudiafrancesca03 (at) yahoo (dot) com

In case it's missed up top, please note I'm only able to hold items for up to 2 hours.

Thanks! :)
15th-May-2012 01:42 am (UTC)
Payment sent!
15th-May-2012 01:45 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'll ship them out tomorrow, PayPal will send you the tracking number when they're on their way.
17th-May-2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
I just wanted you to know that I got these today! Thank you!! <3
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