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BPAL Marketplace
This is crossposted on the BPAL Madness on FB and on BPAL forum, exception of the more expensive bottles.

Hey Bpal's
I am selling my unloved, neglected bottles and some loved but back up's, in dire need of funds at the moment.
My Bpal forum name is: Icekitten.
Feedback: http://www.bpal.org/topic/92852-feedback-for-icekitten/
This is from a smoke free home, but cat friendly.

I prefer shipping everything tracked, because then you have some eye on where it's at, inside the EU it's €11,95 / US is €16,95
I am in The Netherlands.
Shipping without tracking (€4.35/$6 up to two bottles) is available but that is at buyers risk, no package has been lost yet!
(shipping in the Netherlands is tracked, our post offers it for €3.90)

I test/apply all my perfume cleanly with toothpicks, also they are kept in wooden boxes away from heat and light.

** Amiable and Lovely C.reatures €16 (Frankenstein)
** Beautiful and Adored €16 (Frankenstein)
** Cheshire Moon 2008 €15
** Detestable Putrescence €10 (5 mm below top of label)
** Giallo €15
** La Calavera Catrina 2011 €15
** Le Revenant €15
** Minamoto No Yorimitsu C.uts at the Earth S.pider €18
** Occupywallstreet €15
** Pothôn Mêtêr €14
** Rose Moon 2007 €15

** CC Female 50% €44
** Golletes back up bottle €44
** Treat#1 1.5ml in 3 ml vial €12
** Fruit of Paradise 2007 €14
** Love In Idleness €10

For the more pricey bottles i would prefer taking tracked shipping so it will also be insured if it get lost.

Thanks for looking
11th-Dec-2018 11:05 am - ISO old scents
MISC // fluffy
After years I'm finding that I'm loving my BPAL scents again more than commercial perfumes.

ISO purchasing some older scents:

~ Milk Moon (ha, I know I'm dreaming, but this is my favourite ever scent)
~ Sugar Cookie
~ Lick It (any of the variants, but specifically Lick It Softly)
~ Midway (Original or Resurrected)
~ Aunt Carolines Joy Mojo - specifically if it's an older bottle that you've had laying around without wearing/using. I'm IN LOVE with my aged imp of this (It wasn't deliberately aged, but comparing the old Imp I have of it to the new one, the colour and scent has deepened dramatically and I adore the aged version, not so much the new one)

Shipping to USA/Wisconsin 54806 :)

Thanks in advance <3
24th-May-2018 08:19 pm - Storyville!
Well simply put I am in need of some extra money so I'm letting this precious go.

It's TOL, from a smoke and pet free home, has been kept in a dark box.

Will be 350$ + tracked shipping

Let me know if you want pictures.

Thanks :D
12th-Dec-2017 06:37 pm - ISO BPAL Dragons Milk
I'll take imps, decants or full-size. Message me here or email at Roseclan2010@gmail.com if you have any. Thanks!!!
3rd-Dec-2017 09:23 pm - Sale
Shipping is a flat $3.50 (USPS First Class w/Tracking) for any amount! (US to US) $10 min. please.

The Candy Butcher (Original Carnival Diabolique version 2006, Approx. 60% full, wand cap, label is lightly worn around edges) $25
Gothabilly (Approx. 70%, wand cap) $59
Chaos Theory Snake Oil Series (Approx. 90%, each bottle is different, no official notes. To me this bottle smells like a tropical smoothie/fruits and vanilla, patchouli Snake Oil). $23
Albedo v5 (Prototype, Minus one decant, 80% full) No official notes. Creamy coconut, lime, lemongrass? Has a Lime Coconut verbena from BBW type of scent. $17.50
Thirteen: Oct. 2006 Orange label (I think this is the most popular thirteen release) (minus one sample, so around 85%) Cocoa and vanilla beans, Mysore sandalwood, star fruit, orange rind, red amber, fig leaf, mimosa, rooibos tea, bourbon geranium, rose otto, nutmeg, and lavender. $20
Perle Von Mauren (approx one decant in bottle) $5.50
Maud Ruthyn (approx one decant in bottle) $5.50
The Perilous Parlor (original release, approx. 40%) $11

Loviatar (approx. 70% measuring from bottom of stopper, torn label, very aged) $11
Sacrifice (full to bottom of stopper, handwritten label) $5.50
Count Dracula (full to bottom of stopper, handwritten label) $5.50

Midnight on the Midway (Orig. release, rarer) $5
Aged Snake Oil (2006) (Aged 11 yrs, full to 90% measuring from bottom of stopper) $7.50
Candy Phoenix (Limited Edition, Nearly full, printed label slightly stained) A dusky, yet effervescent mix of pomegranate and black currant candies, with a dusting of sugared pear and white apple.
Bakunawa (Limited Edition Event Exclusive, Approx. 80% from bottom of stopper, printed label.) Hypnotic, luminous lunar herbs and blossoms radiating forth from a blend of midnight musk, jungle orchids, oakmoss, and palm.
Whoop (Limited Edition, Yules, Approx. 80% from bottom of stopper, printed label.) Golden sunlight and sweet fresh air brightening a Heavenly sky on Christmas Day: crisp winter air, shimmering amber, sweet honey, with a touch of pumpkin pie, pine cone, cranberry, and bayberry.
Bones Trombone (Full from bottom of stopper) Pie crust, smears of blueberry marshmallow cream and lemon meringue, and hemlock.
Pumpkin Cheesecake (Rare, Approx. 60% from bottom of stopper) Graham crackery and cream cheesy! Cinnamon brown sugary! Just a little carroty! $2.50
Rapunzel in Ballpoint (Approx. 70% from bottom of stopper, printed label) Sparkly apple musk. $2.50
24th-Nov-2017 10:49 pm - Selling some rares and aged bottles!
Hi all!

I'm selling off some of my collection because I just don't use a lot of it anymore. It should go to a collector who will use these!

I'm old skool and not very active on the forum anymore. Assume these bottles are from '07 - '12 (but I will confirm for you if you have specific questions.) Willing to negotiate on prices.

Shipping is $3.

Berry Moon, wandcapped, full - $30
Blue Pumpkin Floss, TOL - $50
Candied Pumpkin, full - $40
Cottonmouth, full - $20
Cthulhu in Love, little over TOL - $30
Ecstasy of True Love, full, $25
Earth Phoenix, full - $25
Festival of Anuket, full - $20
Gennivre, TOL - $30
Hay Moon, full - $10
Litha 09 - $20
Long Night Moon, to neck - $13
Love and Pain, right below neck - $45
Marshmallow Pumpkin, TOL - $30
MVJBA: Spring Training, just below TOL - $50
October 2010, TOL - $30
Octopus and Abalone Diver, little higher than TOL - $30
On Darkness, to neck - $20
Pumpkin Latte 2010, TOL - $30
Ronin, TOL - $20
Tokyo Stomp, wandcapped, full - $45
Wild Swans at Coole, full - $20
17th-Nov-2017 03:58 pm - ISO
Im iso Nefertiti, older snake oil, chaos theory #84, chaos theory snake oils, follow me boy.

Shipping is a flat $3.50 (USPS First Class w/Tracking) for any amount! (US to US) $10 min. please. I can hold items for 24 hrs. or let me know if you need more time!

Rare BPAL bottles

Banshee Beat (a little under half bottle, full bottle went for $119) $25 SOLD
Gothabilly (Approx. 70%, wand cap) $65
The Candy Butcher (Original Carnival Diabolique version 2006, Approx. 60% full, wand cap, label is lightly worn around edges) $25
Chaos Theory Snake Oil Series (Approx. 90%, each bottle is different, no official notes. To me this bottle smells like a tropical smoothie/fruits and vanilla, patchouli Snake Oil). $23

Rare Decant/Imps

De Sade (full lab imp) $15 SOLD
Loviatar (aged, have to check fill)
i'm diso:

- sudsy she-wolf
- chocolate pumpkin
- dead leaves, tobacco, blackened caramel, and cacao hg
- boo! bath oil (to a lesser extent, the hg too)
- oceans of love and millions of kisses
- rags to royalty
- so full of gratitude bath oil
- any pumpkin scent that either has little or no "pumpkin spice" bath oil
- lycanthrope brown hg
- tbh lmk what bath oils you have; i'm not really interested in buying Just One decant, but i'll buy a bunch of any size/fill level!! i'm not super big on hg or atmos but i'll consider almost anything from the monster lady lines (i missed the most recent one :c). tbh if you'd like to unload your recent dogs or weenies, i'll buy them off you once you're done testing, too. :)

the only things i can really offer right now for swapping are: test of strength, skeleton white, saint justina with the unicorn, and vagina treasure hair glosses (i will possibly consider swapping my alice hg, as well!) (mostly full and all above top of label -- i'd be happy to take photos if you're interested!). i'm not looking to spend too much (preferably under original retail but i'm down to haggle) so if any are particularly rare or pricey i'll preemptively pass!
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