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Destash - BPAL and other things! Allergies developed, so I need to get rid of all of it!! 
24th-Jan-2017 01:32 pm

y'all check out what I have - lots of classic scents! Prices reduced - discounts for larger purchase!

Shipping is $3/bottle, free if you purchase 3 or more. I will invoice you through PayPal goods and services (protection on both ends). I ship on Mondays and Thursdays!

Eta: my forum name is ettyoop. My LJ name is loucheroo. All feedback is old but good!


TAKE ALL BOTTLES/IMPS LISTED HERE plus sniffies! $250 shipped in the box where I store them (but obviously taped and bubble wrapped first)

Possets Sprung (full 5ml) - $14
BPTP Miskatonic Valley JBA (full 5ml) - $20
Pumpkin #3 (full TOL) - $20
Cremoso Sugar Skull Spice Cakes (full 5ml) - $14
Dragonfly Blue Orleans (full bottle) - $15
Kubla Khan (full TOL) - $15
Arcana Little Ghoulie (full) - $15
Dragonfly Blue M’hazel (1/2) - $10

IMPS/Decants/sample sizes - please buy a minimum of 3; 6 or more will get you a discount. each $4 unless marked otherwise

13 – 2007 (2/3? 4/5?) $8
Aizen Myoo (4/5)
All night long
Arcana la befana
Beaver moon
Black pearl (4/5)
Butter rum cookie (2008)
Centzon totochtin
Chimera (1/2ish)
Dana o’shea (1/3)
Death of autumn 2007 (1/2)
Dragonfly blue Ceylon truffle
Dragonfly blue chocolate truffle
Dragonfly Blue Mandarin Truffle
Dragonfly blue orleans
Droplettes buche de noel
F5 (2/3) $8
Gingerbread poppet $8
Gingerbread poppet $8
Gulp FeMalediction
Has no hanna (2/3)
Haunted House Chilling Cellar (1/2)
Heaven and Earth Essentials – ghoul’s dessert
Heaven and Earth Essentials – Higan no cho-nichi
Heaven and Earth Essentials – Restless (4/5)
Heaven and Earth Essentials – tortured pumpkin
Hellfire (4/5)
Hunger moon (4/5) - $6
Hungry ghost moon (1/2? 2/3?)
Hunter Moon 2007
Kabuki (1/2)
Kiyohime changes from a serpent
L’occitane green tea w mint (3/4)
Love Potion Cleo’s blend (3/4)
Love Potion Egyptian Sands
Madagascar vanilla rum
Mayan chocolate
Nocturne alchemy Valley of the Kings
Odin (1/2? 2/3?)
Penthus (1/2)
Perfumed garden
Poisoned apple (3/4)
Pony Girl
Rangoon Riptide
Red Moon 2007 (4/5)
Salome (1/2)
Santo Domingo (4/5?)
Screeching parrot (more than half?)
Sed non satiata (5/6?)
Shanghai (1/3)
Silk Road (1/2)
Sloth (5/6)
Starring… “goodbye blonde bombshell”
Starring… “the king is dead” (4/5)
Starring… pump-cone head
Sugar skull 2004 (1/2)
TAL Bitch (1/3)
TAL foundation of fortune
TAL Grr (1/2)
TAL somnus
TAL Succor (1/2)
TAL tko (3/4)
The candy butcher
The Dodo
The lion (2 partials = 1 full)
The Winter of Our Discontent 2008 (1/2)
Thunder Moon
Thunder Moon 07 - $8
Tweedledee (2/3)
Upa upa (1/2)
Vampire tears
Van van (5/6)
Woobie enchantment (1/3)
Woobie ghost poo
Woobie magic
Woobie playing with fire
Xanthe the weeping clown (1/2)
Yog sothoth

If you have questions about labels or need a pic, let me know!


Mary Kay (all new in packaging - prices closer to wholesale than retail)

Limited Edition Forever Diamonds perfume set - Eau de Parfum, shower gel, body lotion, and cosmetics bag = $35

Into the Garden soaps - 3 beautifully scented soaps in lovely packaging - $10

Nail Polish trio - includes "pink magnolia", "sweet lilac", and "coral blossom"  $21

Timewise age-fighting moisturizer spf 30 $16

Timewise body targeted-action toning lotion $22

Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combo-to-oily) $15

Deep Brown Eyeliner $9

Lash Intensity Mascara (black) $12

Satin Lips set $17

Baked Eye Trio in Purple Eclipse $7

Baked Eye Trio in Neopolitan $7

Compact Mini (metallic) with Cherry Blossom mineral cheek color + brush $23

Compact Mini (metallic) with Hazelnut/Sweet Cream/Emerald eye colors $28

Indulge soothing eye gel w sleep mask $13

7th-Mar-2017 12:48 am (UTC)
A friend pointed me to this post because I have been searching for any amount of Screeching Parrot. I wondered if you still had it, Hungry Ghost Moon, and 13 (2007) available?
8th-Mar-2017 04:33 pm (UTC)
I have Screeching Parrot and 13 (2007) - need to look through my other box for Hungry Ghost Moon to see if I frimped it to someone. I'll let you know tonight :)
12th-Mar-2017 03:14 pm (UTC)
If you no longer have Hungry Ghost Moon, I'd also be interested in Butter Rum Cookie.
13th-Mar-2017 07:05 pm (UTC)
I'll comment with a list of all imps I've got. In addition, I have those other two earmarked for you already. Sorry I've been so behind. End of the 9 weeks at work - trying to catch up!
18th-Mar-2017 04:02 pm (UTC)
updated list - completely updated with EVERYTHING I have!
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