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27th-Aug-2015 10:16 pm - DISO
Multiple bottles of Wooden Bullet. Paypal ready!
26th-Aug-2015 02:16 pm - DragonCon 2015
camp bed
I still have a few spaces left in my DragonCon 2015 circle. Thing is, I need your paypal by today to ensure that it clears by the time I leave.

PEACH X (3 spaces)
PEACH XI (2 spaces)
PEACH XII (2 spaces)
PEACH XIII (2 spaces)

If you want/need add-on bottles, hair gloss or atmo, I can do that too, but again (alas) I need to be paid by today :/

Decants are $5.20 each. Tax is 8%. Shipping is $4 for any amount of bottles, $6 for any atmo or hair gloss.

You can keep track over here http://sca-bpal.livejournal.com/74380.html I have great feedback on the forum as Lamia.
26th-Aug-2015 03:44 pm - Bpal Sale!
Choose any five bottles for $70 including shipping worldwide.

A Golden Idol 70% full
Al Azif (label has some scuffs) 90% full
Aremata Popoa x2
Bernardino Dotted Blue (reducer cap) 40% full
Blood Pearl
Buen Viage
Byronic Antihero 15% full
Ceanothus Silkmoth 85% full
Chaos Theory III Strange Attractors VIII
Clermont 70% full
Creature Feature
Crib Girls (prototype label)
Eight Petaled Lotus SN
Harigata II 50% full
Harigata II 90% full
Haute Macabre
Havisham (label marred) 10% full
Ivanushka 55% full
Kelly Pool
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente (reducer cap, modge-podged label) 50% full
Miss Lupescu
Mr. Croup (label marred) 80% full
New York Eve in Dogsville 95% full
Nightmarchers V5
Pteropus Leucopterus
Riding the Goat 80% full
Sitting Up With A Sick Friend 95% full
Sportive Sun
Te Po 85% full
The Court of Honour
The Creeping Mist (wand cap)
The Fox-Woman Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child
The Gas Lamps' Flare
The Madwoman 50% full
The Visionary
Tiki King 30% full
Tp’d Tree
Two-Barred Flasher
Unveil the Grace in Thine Eyes 70% full
Velvet Tiki
Wembley (wand cap)
When Stars Are Weeping
Wolf Spider (wand cap)
XNIA2 (wand cap)
25th-Aug-2015 07:01 pm - My periodic sales post
Super open to offers - I've been trying to ditch some of these for years.

Little Flora ($20.00)

(Arcana) Caffeinated Death ($20.00)

Kneel Down, Fair Love, and Fill Thyself With Tears ($5.00)
Liaison (about 1/2 - $2.50)
Misericordia - Vampires Don't Sleep Alone (3/4 - $3.75)
The Gladdener of All Hearts ($3.50)
The Pool of Tears ($3.00)
The Pool of Tears (1/2 - $1.50)

GCs: $2.00 each
Baron Samedi
Cordelia (3/4 - $1.75)
Glasgow (3/4 - $1.75)
The Lion
The Scales of Deprivation (x2)

$22 for all of these GCs!

Non-BPAL imps:

Ava Luxe Amber Essence: $1.50
Conjure Oils Blood Rush: $1.50
Conjure Oils Venomenon: $1.50
Possets Ribbands (3/4): $1.50
Possets Vigor: $2.00
Villainess Pyromania: $2.00

Comment or message me if you're interested! Again - this is the price I'm listing, but I want to get rid of these and will consider offers.

25th-Aug-2015 01:32 pm - BPAL Lupers 2014/2015
$30 each, shipped. USA only.
(Spent too much money for D-Con!)

Venus Genetrix - Black amber and jasmine tea with 7-year aged vanilla bourbon absolute

Venus Libitina - Rose water, black cherry, cream accord, bourbon, and orris root.

Ivory Vulva - Marshmallow root, coconut, macadamia milk, cream accord, and a drop of golden amber.

Comparison of Celebrated Beauties - Vanilla cream, mimosa, and almond blossom.

Love and Sleep - Fig milk, vanilla, orchid, and ylang ylang. (Lupercalia 2014)

Signior Dildo - A scent of pearls and ivory: orris, violet leaf, narcissus, and Madagascar vanilla.

Also have a bottle of Sugar Plum and Vanilla Bean Atmosphere Spray (4oz) from BPTP. It's on eBay.
24th-Aug-2015 12:58 pm - Ello's Sales!
Hello all!  Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions! :)
I've also got lots of unloved (and unused) indie nail polishes if anyone is interested!

Ashlultum, $15

Aristocratic Couple, $24
Autumn, $15

The Black Swan, $18
A Blade of Grass, $15
Changing the Shadows, $15
Crowned with Calm Leaves She Stands, $15
Enchanted Wood Florist, $15. On hold

The First Encounter, between 1/4 and 1/3 full, $5
Flor de Muerto 2013, $15. On hold

Flower Moon 2009, $15
The Gladdener of All Hearts, $15

Golletes, $17
Grand Guignol: Thanatos, $25
Haitian Vetiver SN, $20
The Hierophant and the Empress, $15
Lady Cecily Sasquets, $18
Le Revenant 2011, $15

Love and Sleep, $24

Magnificent Autumn, $15
Mictecacihuatl 2008, $15

Miss Emma Marsh, $20

Red Rose, $15

Reflected Vulva, $50
Smoky Moon 2009, $18
Snow Maiden 2009, $15

Sol Invictus 2009, $15
Spirit Board, 40%, $8. Pending?

Touched Twice, $25
Venus Caelestis, 20%, $5
Venus Cloacina, 25%, $5

Venus Erycina, BNNU, $20

Venus Libitina, BNNU, $20
The Wet Nurse and the Old Monk, 50%, $10
When Life Shone Warm In Thine Eye, $18
The Witch-Bride, $18

[b]Decants: 3.50 full (unless noted otherwise), 1.50 for 1/2[/b]

Dark Rosaleen
Lotus Moon 2010

Behind the Scenes Atmo, $15
Discussion on the First Climb to the Mountain of Passion Atmo, $15. Pending?
Holiday Argument Diffusing Spray, 60% full, $10
Honeyed Golden Musk and Rosewater Atmo, $15. Pending?
Luna Sanguinem Bath Oil, minus two decants, $10
Midway Plaisance Atmo, $20
Miss Emma Benedict's Parlor House Atmo, $15. 1 decant pending
Oceans of Love and Millions of Kisses, 8 oz., $20
The Old Hall Atmo, minus 1 decant, $15
Peach Blossom Incense Atmo, $15, pending?
Peacock Queen Bath Oil, minus 2 decants $10
A Peculiar Game of Shoji Bath Oil, $15
Pele Hair Gloss decant, $8

Pumpkin Ice Cream Bath Oil, minus 1 decant $15
Snow Angel Atmo, $20
Snow White Atmo, $20
Splendid Summer Days Atmo, $20, 1 decant pending

Tree Roots, Fallen Leaves, and Tomb Moss Atmo, $15
A Triumphal Arch of Leaves & Flowers Atmo, $20
[b]I am willing to decant from any of the above BPTP products.  I am also willing to decant the following products (maximum of 1 decant per item at this time):[/b]
An Affinity for Passionflower Bath Oil, $7
An Affinity for Phlox Bath Oil, $7
Implacable Beautiful Tyrant Hair Gloss, $8
Nectar Atmo, $7
Nectar Hair Gloss, $8
Peach, White Ginger, and Cubeb Hair Gloss, $8
Pumpkin S'mores Atmo, $7
Rose Petals and Champa Hair Gloss, $8
Arcana: Nacre, $10
Arcana: Sea Glass, $10
Blooddrop: Whinnies No. 4, $8
Future Primitive: Indian Temple Attar, $12

Moonalisa: Vanilla Rose, $12

Possets: Christmas in New Orleans, $5 (oil-stained label)
Possets: The Moon, $8
23rd-Aug-2015 09:22 pm - Dragon*Con 2015 - Fairy Pick Up
NIN - Nine Inch Nails
I'm doing a Dragon*Con fairy pick up and it's still open (closes Monday night!). To join and for all the details, sign up here: http://rascuache.net/bpal/?page_id=109

I also have a bunch of spots left open in my CD / Scalia circle, which I'm happy to combine and can be found here: http://rascuache.net/bpal/
23rd-Aug-2015 07:19 pm - Small Sale!
Misty Road
Shipping for bottles is $3.50 in the US/$5 everywhere else. Shipping for the t-shirts will have to be quoted based on where you are and how many bought, but I will ship cheapest method. :) In the US, I do ship using a tracking number. I ship once a week, usually Thursdays or Fridays.

PayPal only, please! I do have pets, but we are a no smoking household! I tend to include little candy extras in my packages.

The t-shirts have never been worn. Sadly, shortly after I bought a lot of them, my health turned bad, and I gained a LOT of weight due to illness and medication. So, they've been sitting in a box for a number of years. No stains, no stretching, no wear or tear.

BPAL 5mls - $25 each or 2/$45
Cryophobia, full, never used
Ectoplasm, full, never used
Fog Machine Juice, full, never used

BPAL T-Shirts (Size: 3X) - $20 each or 2/$35
Worm Moon, 2008
Dragon Moon, 2008
Moon of Ice, 2008
Blood Moon, 2008
Red Moon (no date, but betting 2008)
Windy Moon, 2009
Trick shirt from the 2007 Inquisition, and I have 2 of them

Thank you!
Shipping is a flat $3.50 (First Class w/Tracking) for any amount! $10 minimum, please. I'm running low on my frimp stash at the moment but I will always include at least one per bottle purchased! I used to be an active bpaler and have done many sales/swaps on here and the bpal forum. Please let me know if you have questions! :)

Black Opal (TOL, Wand Cap, Aged, Label is discolored pinkish) $55 Sold
Storyville (A little under 50%, can send you a pic if you'd like it) $130 or best offer! Sold
Clockwork Couture: Female (Discontinued Exclusive) - Full, $45

Pikake SN (2/3 Full, From the lab's first release of Single Notes in 04/05, cobalt, label was mod-podged and has a small damage) $45
Snow White 2005 (Cobalt, label is worn/damaged, wand cap, Approx. 70% full measuring from the shoulder) $28
Velvet Unicorn Prototype - Approx. 2/3 full, $35 (I find this subtle, 'pink' and creamy compared to the released version which is very sugary, slightly sour pink fruit punch candy and musk on me.)
Tanuki No Orai - Over 2/3 full, $18
King Mandarin SN - Approx. 50% full, $15
Shub-Niggurath - GC, Aged at least 4 years, Approx. 70%, $15.50 Sold
The Oval Portrait (75%, wand cap, slightly worn label) $23
Knockout Drops (Minus one decant) $20
Body Remember (Minus one decant) $17.50 Sold
The Cup of Death - Disc.Salon, Minus one decant, $20
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa - Disc. Salon, Minus one decant, label looks slightly faded came like this from the lab, $20
WILF (Male Wolf label, Approx. 70%) $25
Courtney - Minus one decant, $17
Eight-Petaled Lotus Single Note - Label is lightly faded, 75%, $15
Le Revenant - 2011, Half bottle, $10 Sold
Versailles - Disc. GC, older label, Approx. 85%, $15
Dolce Stil Nuovo - 2007, Approx. 2/3, $13
Eternal - 50%, $8.50
Le Fleurs du Mal - 50%, $8.50
Cobra Lily - 60% $10
Penumbra - a little under 2/3, $13
The Attrocious Attic - (Original Release), 75%, wand cap, $20
Miss Ida - Minus one decant, $17.50

Rare decants for sale (2 per) with a bottle purchase of $20 or more (all decants measured from bottom of stopper and most have handwritten labels):
Glowing Vulva (half full) $5
Midway Resurrected (2/3) $5.50
Parker Lily (Approx. 50%) $7 Sold
Loviatar (Lab imp, lab full so around 80%) $12
In Reilig Oran (Approx. 85%) $12 Sold
The Wiley Grasser (50%) $3
The Unicorn (lab imp, disc GC) $3.50
Noctisa (lab imp, Disc GC) $3.50
22nd-Aug-2015 05:38 pm - Current BPAL Sale!!!
girl, flowers, red
Hey all! Still have a good amount of 5ML Bottles & over 50 Imp Ears available.

BUY 1 5ML & GET 2ND 50% OFF! (Of Equal or Lesser Value)

Amy Elizabeth
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