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Wow, I haven't been on Livejournal in an age (sorry for the random fanfic/RP journal, it's the only one I have left)! It's been a long time since I've been part of the BPAL communities, too, but I knew this would be the best place to come advertise the collection of Twlight Alchemy and BPAL Conjure oils I've got listed on ebay right now. A great deal-- most of the bottles are better than half full, and shipping is free!

Please direct all questions/offers to my ebay account. Thanks for looking!

Shipping from the Netherlands to the world. Shipping costs depend on location and the amount of bottles.

Some bottles have fixed prices, make me an offer for the rest of them. All of them have been stored in a dark, cool, smoke and pet-free place.

Yup these are all 5ml bottles:

A Bachelor’s Dog full $80
Al Azif slight dip
Aremata Popoa full
Aremata Popoa full
Awabi Divers 5/6 full
Aziraphale 4/5 full
B340 full
Batty full
Bayou full
Bearded Lady full $50
Bernardino Dotted Blue 1/3 full reducer cap
Bezoar 4/5 full
Black Hellebore cobalt bottle 4/5 full $35
Blasphemare Reliquary slight dip
Blood Pearl 2012 full
Buen Viage full
CD023 full $35
Caligostro Prototype cobalt bottle handwritten label slight bit left $25
Ceanothus Silkmoth 3/4 full
Chant d’Automne 2008 slight dip
Chaos Theory III Strange Attractors VIII full
Clermont 3/4 full
Clockwork Couture Female full $50
Clockwork Couture Female slight dip $45
Creature Feature full
Crib Girls Prototype full
Dance of Death 2011 full
Death Cap 2013 full
Desmonema full
Eight Petaled Lotus full
Eldritch Dark 3/4 full
Eldritch Dark full
Eldritch Dark full
Fiery Wall of Protection slight bit left
Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 3/4 full $50
Golden Idol 3/4 full
Harigata II 1/2 full
Harigata II slight dip
Has No Hanna full
Haunted full
Haute Macabre 2013 full
Havisham 1/5 full $50
Heavenly Love and Earthly Love 2013 full
Hippie Ghost 2012 full
Hungarian Caraway slight dip
India Ink full $100
Ivanushka 3/5 full
Juke Joint cobalt bottle 1/2 full
Kelly Pool full
La Bella Donna Della Mia Menthe 1/2 full reducer cap
Lil’ Menes’ Feline Entertainment full
Lucretia full
L’Ecole des Filles full
L’Ecole des Filles full
Miss Lupescu full
Mr. Croup 4/5 full
New Year’s Eve in Dogville slight dip
Nightmarchers V5 full
Nightmarchers V5 full
Nightmarchers V5 full
Ninon full
Norman 3/4 full
Old Paris cobalt bottle full
Ozymandias full
Prurience full
Pteropus Leucopterus full
Qandisa full
Radiance of Ra 1/4 full
Ravenous 2013 full
Riding the Goat 5/6 full
Ruddy Daggerwing full
Safari cobalt bottle full
Sitting Up With a Sick Friend slight dip
Sjöfn full
Slipping Into Madness full
Te Po 5/6 full
The Anti-Saloon League slight dip $45
The Byronic Antihero 1/3 full
The Court of Honor full
The Creeping Mist full wandcap
The Fox-Woman Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child full
The Gas Lamps’ Flare full
The Gentleman full
The Grand Basin full
The Grand Basin full
The Grand Basin full
The Little Sparrow full
The Madwoman 1/2 full
The Music of Erich Zahn full
The Phoenix at Dusk slight dip
The Sportive Sun full
The Visionary full
The Zieba Tree full
Three Gorgons full
Three Gorgons full wandcap
Tiki King 1/3 full
Tiki King full wandcap
Tp’d Tree full slight dip
Traipsing Through the Crop Circles full
Two-Barred Flasher full
Umbra full
Unveil the Grace in Thine Eyes 4/5 full
Vechernyaya cobalt bottle full
Vechernyaya full
Velvet Tiki full slight dip
Waves of Mist full
Waves of Mist full
Wembley full wand cap
What’s Said is Said Labyrinth Prototype full $100
When Stars are Weeping full
Wolf Spider full wand cap

XNIA2 full wand cap
y'all know you want to spend your holiday money!

Shipping is $3/bottle, free if you purchase 3 or more. I will invoice you through PayPal goods and services (protection on both ends). I ship on Mondays and Thursdays!

Eta: my forum name is ettyoop. My LJ name is loucheroo. All feedback is old but good!

TAKE EVERYTHING LISTED HERE plus a fair number more imps! $400 shipped in the box where I store them (but obviously taped and bubble wrapped first)

BPAL Bottles (5ml) (take all 16 for $300 shipped)

BPAL Gelt - Yules from 2007? 2008? Full to shoulder. Cleanly tested once. $23
October (2007) - cleanly tested, full to shoulder. $20
BPAL Sugar Skull 2007 - cleanly tested, full to shoulder. $22
Aeaea - worn maybe twice (on days I taught The Odyssey), but always applied cleanly. Full to maybe a hair below shoulder. $18
Original 13 (white label) with wand cap. Full - $45
Thunder Moon 2007 - full to shoulder, tested cleanly - $25
Vampire Tears (Shoju Beat) - full to just above top of label - $23
Hunger Moon 2007 - full to just above shoulder - $25
Samhain 2007 - full to shoulder - $25
Pirate Moon 2007 - full to shoulder - $25
Pumpkin #3 - top of label - $18
Schroedinger's Cat - full to top of label - $35
Kubla Khan - top of label - $15
BPTP MVJBA Spring Training 2008 - full above shoulder - $40
Beaver Versary 2008 - lab full - $40
Tabella (Election 2008) - lab full - $30

Other perfume vendors (5ml): (take all 5 for $70 shipped)

Violette Market State Fair: Tiki Hut. Full to shoulder, cleanly tested. $20 (this was a custom blend, but I seriously have zero clue which scents are in there. Sorry)
Arcana Little Ghoulie - 5ml full - $20
Dragonfly Blue Orleans - decanted bottle >5ml - $25
Cremoso Anointing Oil Sugar Skull Spice Cakes - 5ml decant just below shoulder - $20
Possets Sprung - very full - $18

IMPS/Decants/sample sizes - please buy a minimum of 3; 6 or more will get you a discount. each $4 unless marked otherwise (or take them ALL for $100 shipped, plus rare sniffies and and testers)

BPAL (if lab vs decant matters to you, let me know!)

Sed Non Satiata (3/4)
Centzon Totochtin (1/2ish)
Hungry Ghost Moon (a little over 1/2)
Haunted House Chilling Cellar (1/2)
Xanthe the Weeping CLown (1/2)
Yog Sothoth (1/2)
Van Van (3/4)
Sloth (3/4)
The Dodo (3/4)
Gluttony (1/2)
Has No Hanna (3/4)
Hellfire (1/2)
Chimera (2/3)
Catherine (2/3)
Thunder Moon (2007)- $10
Thunder Moon 2007 (1/2)
Hunger Moon (3/4) - $8
13 (2007 blend - 3/4) - $10
Gingerbread Poppet - $10
Red Moon 2007 (5/6) - $10
Death of Autumn 2007 (3/4) - $6
F5 (2/3) - $15
Hunter Moon 2007 (1/2)
Democrat - $8
Butter Rum Cookie (full decant amt but in larger vial)
Screeching Parrot (3/4)
Upa Upa (3/4)
Rangoon Riptide (3/4)
The Winter of Our Discontent (3/4)
Mayan Chocolate
26th-Dec-2016 03:29 pm - Bottles, Imps, and Decants on Ebay
[men] Tic-tac-toe Whip
Due to upcoming medical expenses, I am selling off the remainder of my collection on Ebay. All are from 2010 or earlier.

BPAL 03, Bliss

Hello fellow scent fans! From now through December 26th, I have several different incentives going on at my sales post!

  • Any purchase of $25 or more pre-shipping will get 20% off the pre-shipping total
  • Any purchase of $30 or more post-discount will get free US shipping or half-price international shipping
  • All buyers can pick one item from anywhere in this post marked $4 or less for free!  Or you can pick one of my usual free sniffies!

Loads of lovely scents lurk behind the fake cut; GCs, Yules, Weenies, Lupers, Lunacies, Shungas, Event-Onlys, Single Notes, CDs, there's something for everyone! I have goodies from quite a few other etailers as well, plus a handful of non-scent items including a full set of the Celtic Tarot. You can also pick something from my Free Sniffy list in addition to your free item described above.

Click to find BPAL, Conjure Oils, Heaven and Earth Essentials, Nocturne Alchemy, Possets, Super Bad, ZOMG Smells and more!

I am willing to haggle a bit, especially for multi-item purchases. ^_^
21st-Dec-2016 09:10 pm - Destash from back in the day
Hello all - I've bought/sold here before, but a long time ago; I haven't kept up with BPAL collecting for the last, um, nearly 7 years??, and find myself needing to destash. The following bottles are for sale. I've tried to provide detailed descriptions, including whether I bought them new from the Lab or bought them used (which is most of them), perfume levels, and descriptions, but if you're dying to know what a given bottle looks like let me know and I can send pictures. These bottles have been stored in a closed box in cat-loving home (not that the cats have had any real contact with them, but just for full disclosure). Shipping is in bubble mailers, $3.50 for shipping in the US only. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Antique Lace - $30
Between 1/3 and 1/2 full, original bottle from way back before it was discontinued, blue bottle, label is a little beat up.

Queen of Diamonds - $25
a little under half - about 16 mm up from bottom, about halfway to the shoulder. Sticker on top of cap. I'm pretty sure it's not the original label - it's been modge-podged onto a blue bottle, and has the name "Rachel" on it with no reference to BPAL. (Still smells awfully nice!)

To Helen - $17
Bought from another user I think? Full to just below shoulder. Label has faint gray typewritten words on background and To Helen in larger red typed letters (I vaguely think this wasn't the final label but I'm not sure).

Marguerite - Carnival Diabolique (the original) - $15
just a hair under half-full, bottle/label very clean, round sticker on cap with name written on it

Lotus Moon - June 2010 - $12
just a hair over half-full, very clean but bought used

Dream of the Fisherman's Wife - $12
About 2 imps in the bottle? Bought used.

Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream - $16 & $17
I have 2 of these, one full to just below the top of the label and one full to above the label. Lower-level bottle was bought from the Lab, the fuller bottle was bought as a backup and has not been used by me.

Wensleydale - $15
About 1/3 full, bought used.

The Gladdener of All Hearts - $15
About 2/3 full, bought from the Lab.

Cancer (2007 LE) - $17
Full into neck, bought as a backup from another user, unused by me.

Phantom Time Hypothesis - $15
Full to top of shoulder, bought from Lab, barely used.

The East (Neil Gaiman's Stardust) - $15
Full to halfway between top of label and shoulder. Label has image of quill pen and inkwell on handwritten pages, very clean.

Cupid Complaining to Venus - $20
About 3/4 full, bought used from another user who put a label on the cap.

April Fool 2008 - $17
Full to top of label, bought new from the Lab.


- 10 ml bottle - $22
Bought from the Lab when they were auctioning off old 10 ml bottles. Full to 1-2mm below the top of the label. Blue bottle, label a little bit worn.

Severin (discontinued) - $20
Full to about top of label. Newer label (the parchment ones), bought from the Lab just before it was discontinued.

Magdalene (discontinued) - $20
Full to shoulder, bought new from Lab just before it was discontinued.

Ultraviolet (discontinued) - $20
Bought new from lab, full to top of label (used only 1-2x, pretty much as it came from the lab)

Black Cat - $13
About 3/4 full, small label on top of cap, bought from Lab.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat - $13
Full to top of shoulder, bought from Lab, almost never used.

(Also if I can include a few Possets: $10 each - Churps, The Magnificent Red Rose, Cambienne: Rose Ramble, Vernal Sun, Ornament - all bought new from Possets.)

Thanks for looking!
12th-Dec-2016 12:15 pm - Small sale, bills to pay.
AFI - Queen formation
Shipping worldwide via my ebay:

Caffeinated Death

Devil's Trumpet single note
Nasty WomanSOLD

Will be adding more here and there for the next week, some LE imps as well.
If you want to haggle a buy-it-now price let me know and maybe we can arrange it.
Destashing just about all of my bpal, along with the last of my Mary Kay stock and some LuLaRoe.

Mail days are any Monday or Thursday following payment, plus others if I have time. If you feel my prices are unreasonable or would like to negotiate for some other reason, please feel free to comment! Discounts for purchases of multiple items.

Updated recently. more to be added later.

Destash of Perfumes, Makeup, and Clothes on my page here!!

Thanks for looking :)

Hello, ladies & gents! Selling off my backups that I will never get to use.

Still quite a bit of HTF's/Rare 5ml's available!!

SALE on CHEAP BOTTLES & IMPS Category, 15% off $20 minimum order please ! LOTS OF NEW GC IMPS ADDED!!CHEAP BPALS! MOONALISA & VILLAINESS Perfumes! Still trying to destash as much as I can, I just don't use them fast enough :( these are all full unless stated.

Shipping from Hong Kong. $6 for first bottle, +$1 per additional bottle. I can only hold bottles for 24hrs

Allegory of Chastity $22
Badgers (full) $40
Buck Moon (-1.5 imps) $40
Bones Trombone (full) $25
Banshee Beat (full) $70
Cheesecloth Ghost $21
Candy Butcher (hair below 1/2 bottle) $35
Callidora $40
Cruxificion $21
***GONE**French Tobacco SN (hair below shoulder) $45
***GONE***Hesiod's Phoenix (full) $70
Lamia v3 (hair below TOL) $120
Madagascan Vanilla Rum (full) $50
Mrs.Palmer (full) $30
Moroccan Pumpkin Patch (full) $35
Mountain of Bone (full) $25
**GONE**Monster bait: Tokyo Stomp (hair below shoulder)$35
***GONE**Monster Bait: Underpants (1/2 bottle) $50
Mitzvah (-2 imps) $30
PL176 (hair below 1/2 bottle) $20
Red Lace $45
Reapers Gonna Reap $21
**GONE**Senelion (full) $60
Senelion (full) $60
**GONE**Silver Haired Bat (full) $45
Silver Haired Bat (full) $45
So Below (full) $50
Speak!Speak! $21
Siberian Musk SN (full) $50
Spider Witch $21
Senelion (lab version, full) $60
Texare $21
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa (full) $40
***GONE**The GIRL (a little over 1/2 bottle) $45

SPECIAL decants:
Katrina Van Tassel (65-70% full) $8
***GONE**The GIRL (full) $15
***GONE**The GIRL (full) $15

At the Mid Hour of Night $10
Bess (full) $9
Bakunawa (BNNU) $12
Horror Unthinkable & Unexpected $10
Hypothermia $10
***GONE**Jiggery Pokery $12
Maidens in Repose (FULL) $12
***GONE**Mary Celeste v4 (-1 imp) $8
Mary Celeste v4 (BNNU) $10
Narkissos $10
Nikephoros $10
**GONE**Shirafuji Genta with a Kappa $10
**GONE**Serotine Bat (-1 imp) $11
***GONE**Sleeping Nymphs & Satyrs $10
***GONE**SN: Cherokee Rose $10
The Triumph of Death (at shoulder) $11
***GONE**The Waltz of the Flower (hair below 1/2 bottle) $6
**GONE**The Vampire Bride (- 2 imps) $7
Tree of Life $10
'Tis Thy Voice From the Kingdom of Souls $10

Luper 2015 Imps: All full $4/ea.
Bunraku Theatre
**GONE**Dark Choco, Madagascar Vanilla,Haitian V.,Benzoin & Champaca
Phallus Parade

Hairgloss 1 oz. decants $8/ea.
Departing Like Smoke
The Love Swing

BPTP Atmo 1oz. decants: $8/ea
A Great White Church
Dia De Los Muertos
Greene Street
Ghoul Hunted Woodland of Weir
Honeyed Golden Musk, Rosewater & Red Sandalwood
Miss Emma Benedict
No One Heard Her Except the Sparrows
Olibanum, Blood & Clove
Sugar Plum & Vanilla Bean
The Painted Rose
The Great Pumpkin of War
The Pumpkin of Conquest
The Place Wherein Love Grew
The Thorny Path NEW

BPTP Bath Oil 1oz. decants $7/ea.
Victorian Virgin with Cherubs
Winter Maiden
Dank Tarn of Auber
Silent Forest
Frank & Myrrh
Tomoe Gozen
Embalming Fluid
Polar Bear Plunge

BPTP Goblin Squirt $3/ea.
Swamp (proto)
The Fainting Couch

Assrtd. LE/DC/Unimpables imps $5/ea.
CD: Dionysia
Salon: Death of Sarandapal
Empyreal Mist
Green Party
Liz (Hellboy)
PL 81
Pumpkin Cheesecake (60%) $5
Schlafende Bagneuse
Spare Change
Yule Buddies $5

Assrtd. LE/DC/Unimpables imps $4/ea.
BPTP: Sweet Winter Baerry Ale
BPTP: Vain Sorceress
Dreadful Lies
Green Phoenix
Long Night Moon
Muddy Puddles
Post Mortem Laureatus
Playing with a Loaded Gun
Pumpkin 1 (2014) $4.50
Pumpkin IV (2014) $4.50
Ruddy Daggerwing
The Ghastly Garden
The Forbidding Foyer
The Witches

Assrtd. LE/DC/Unimpables imps $3/ea.
Ae. Aegypti
Bette Noir
Death & Life Completed
Diable en Boite
Ebenezer Scrooge
Festival Mask
Flower Moon '05
RPG: Chaotic
RPG: Neutral
RPG: Cleric
Ghost House
Hua Mulan
Harlequin & Columbine
Huesos De Santo
Ignorance & Wwant
Karme x2
Meditation in Autumn
Monsieur Petitbled's Frivolous Wheeled Footware
Midnight Carnivale
Noche Buena
Old Man Ackerman's Instructional Toys
Phoenix Summer
The Hell of Great Heat
Thousands of Lights
Tanuki No Amiuchi
The Nutcracker
The Second of the 3 Spirits
Wretched Rose Window

Assrtd. LE/DC/Unimpables imps $2.50/ea.
Calligraphy Practice
Harvest Moon '05
Venerable Priestess of the Wood
When the Winter Chrysanthemum's Go

GCs: $2/ea.
Absent of Thee I Languish Still
Alice's Evidence
A Countenance Forboding Evil
Black Phoenix
Belle Epoque
destroying Angel
**GONE**Dragon's Tears
Dana O.Shee
El Dorado
Galvanic Goggles
**GONE**Golden Priapus
Grand Guignol
Hell's Belle
Horror Sympathique
How Doth the Little Crocodile
Karme x3
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente
La Petit Mort
No.93 Engine
Night Gaunt
New Orleans
Oleander Honey
RPG Fighter
RPG: Neutral
RPG: Lawful
Robin Goodfellow
Roses, Pearls & Diamonds
Santa Eularia Des Riu
Twenty One
The Ghost
The Isles of Demon. x 2
Thy Godfather's Present
Tavern of Hell
***GONE**The Obsidian Widow
The Rose.
The Phantom Whoer
**GONE**Wolf's Heart
Voodoo Lily

Niche Assorted Brands: $2/ea.
Farmacia Ss. Annunziata- Cara
L'Artisan Cote de Amour
Parfumerie Generale - Yuzo
Parfumerie Generale - Cedre Sandaraque
Smell Bent - Little Miss panda

Mabon Perfume $8
Umbrae Perfume $10
Wraith Perfume $10
Hayride Perfume $9
Amber & Labdanum $5
Midnight Orchard $10
Aurora Potion Lotion $7
Posidonia Lotion $5
Moonlit Garden 8oz. 4-in-1 $10

VILLAINESS Perfume (older bottle, all unused) $11/ea.
Birth Rite
Killer Beez
Paradise Misplaced

Conjure Oils Love Eternal
Conjure Oils Blood Type A
Possets Bridal Veil
Possets Whimsy
Possets Pretty

4th-Dec-2016 09:15 pm(no subject)

I realized I have a lifetime supply of BPAL, some of it must go to lovely new homes!
All the bottles/labels/vials are full and in perfect conditions, unless stated; all the oils are kept in a cool, dark box.
International shipping is $5 and I can only accept PayPal.
I frimp generously and I always use bubble wrap and padded envelopes to make sure your oils get there safe and sound.
If you are buying decants/imps please choose at least two, thank you!
My forum feedback can be found here.

In Winter In My Room 2015 (full) - grapefruit, yuzu, tuberose, peony, violet leaf, pikaki, Indian frankincense, and tonka. - $20
September Midnight 2013 (a tiny bit below TOL) - a myrrh-darkened amber chypre sweetened by newly-ripened black pomegranate. - $19
Trick #1 (a tiny bit below TOL) - volcanic red musk, vanilla bean, Queen Elizabeth root, red ginger, skin musk, black leather, honeycomb, honeysuckle, magnolia, and patchouli. - best offer

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