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20th-Aug-2014 03:53 pm - Imaginer
Hi! I have 3 bottles of Imaginer (Clive Barker) that need a new home.
$20 each plus $3.50 U.S. shipping, $5 Canada/International. Thanks!!
20th-Aug-2014 11:24 pm(no subject)
I realized I have a lifetime supply of BPAL, some of it must go to lovely new homes!
All the oils are kept in a cool and dark box; all the bottles/labels/vials are full and in perfect conditions, unless stated.
International shipping is $5 and I only accept PayPal.
I frimp generously and I always use bubble wrap and padded envelopes to make sure your oils get there safe and sound.
If you are buying decants/imps please choose at least two, thank you!


September Midnight (a tiny bit below TOL) - a myrrh-darkened amber chypre sweetened by newly-ripened black pomegranate. - $23

Samhain 2012
(full) - damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein. - $4

- frankincense, rosemary, lavender, neroli, and verbena - $2
Fire For Thy Stepmother's Daughters - flaming coals, hellfire, and blackened bone. - $2
Fire Of Love - $2
Nosferatu - desiccated herbs and gritty earth brought to life with a swell of robust and sanguineous red wines. - $2
20th-Aug-2014 08:31 am - Bumping! Coraline Decant Circle
NIN - Nine Inch Nails
Getting ready to place this order on Friday / Saturday. Plenty of time if you need to wait until payday.

There are still plenty of spots left! Especially looking to fill The Silverstream and The Snowglobe.

The Details:
Decant Price: $5.30 (Each bottle is $26.00 split by 5, + .10 for vials = 5.30)
Shipping: $4.00 US / International Ask

Find the circle here!

Note: I'm always happy to do add ons for people (Metamorphosis, OLLA, etc!).

I'm also doing a small Fraggle Rock leftover sale to help fund the Coraline one. Any of this can be combined with the Coraline circle / my sales post.

Gorg’s Garden (Three decants removed): $10.40
Wembley (Four decants removed): $5.20
Doozers (Three decants removed): $10.40
Mokey (Two decants removed): $15.60

My full list of sales is available here:
19th-Aug-2014 07:47 pm - Dragon*Con circle!
Mostly because I'm going anyway, soooo...why not. ^o^

I'm also offering the older peaches. Note that the prices look scary because I've already built in all the taxes and fees, so the price you see will be your total.
19th-Aug-2014 11:30 pm - LEs and Single Notes for sale
The not so fine print: I am in the UK and ship worldwide, usually next working day. I have a forum feedback thread here and you can also view my previous group order and decant circle topics via my forum profile.

Shipping is $5 in the UK ($2.50 for up to 8 imps only) and $7 to all other destinations worldwide.


Ginger Skulls $18 Zingy crystallized ginger candies with quince and Asian pear.
PENDING Halloween: Las Vegas $22 unopened backup The aftermath of piratical nuptials: walls smeared with red and black frosting, copious amounts of spilled red wine, the leftover contents of three full bars, dry leaves and desert flowers crushed into carpet, tobacco smoke, and champaca incense in a cloud of body-heat amped Snake Oil and Dorian.
SOLD Lilith's Bubblegum & Roses (60%, decanting partial) $10 Lilith's creation: a spray of pink roses, red rose petals, and pink sticky bubblegum!
Lilith's Feel Better Flowers (30%, decanting partial) $5
Lotus Moon 2006 (60%) $10 opium-laced golden lotus with rich amber, pine resin, and rose otto
LULU 7 (TOL) $14
Mayan Chocolate with Anatto Seed, Anaheim Pepper, Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean $18
Moon of the Terrible 2012, $18 winter snow with lavender, benzoin, lychee, starfruit, carrot seed, white iris, pale resins, and a cluster of melancholy, lachrymose lunar herbs and florals.
Snake Oil - $22 - December 2012 vintage, unopened backup.
The First Encounter $18 Candied apricot and orange blossom honey with grandiflorum jasmine, orris C02, tonka, patchouli, quince, and skin musk.
Treat #2 (2006) $20 a fig meat, coconut, and buttercream bonbon rolled in orange rind, mint leaf, cardamom, clove and ginger, dipped in milk chocolate.
Tree of Life $22 Ash bark, Kashmir wood, tonka bean, clary sage, Spanish moss, cocoa absolute, King mandarin, galangal root, and matcha tea.
White Chocolate, Black Raspberry and Apricot Cordial Truffle $18

Single Note decant set - $35 the set (10 decants)

Devil's Trumpet
Eight Petaled Lotus
Golgothan Myrhh
King Mandarin
Madagascan Vanilla Rum
Passion Flower
White Sage
Wild Dandelion

Imps and decants...Collapse )

19th-Aug-2014 02:49 pm - ebay sales!
I have a bunch of ebay sales that are getting close to ending, and most of them are at their starting bid still.

I'm listing them on behalf of a friend. There are some serious gems in this collection, including partial imps of Loviatar and Severin, some Enraged Groundhog Musk, and a set of vintage 2008 Box of Chocolate decants, among many other LE items.

Come and see!
19th-Aug-2014 01:25 pm - Need these gone....
This is Were Business
All perfumes are 5ml bottles and full unless otherwise stated.
$3.00 shipping per order within USA only. I've been a member of under "angelicruin" for 8 years with loads of feedback under old database.

- Uncle Brian $20.00
- Coraline Butterscotch Balls & Black Beetles - $17.00
- Le Pere Fouettard (2013) $17.00
- The Snack Hut (90% full) $15.00
- Exhibit Hall Fatigue $13.00
- Otto & Victoria Yule Cookies - $10.00
- Krampuslaufen - $10.00
- Eldritch Dark - $10.00
- Penitence (At least 4 years old) - $10.00
- Titus Andronicus (At least 4 years old) - $8.00
- Paranorman Neil - $8.00

BPTP Atmospheric Sprays are $4.00 for 1st bottle and add $1.00 for second bottle. (Buy All 3 and get FREE shipping within USA.)

- Bats Flitting (Bat's Day 2014) - $20.00
- Midway Plaisance (C2E2 2013) - $20.00
- Snow Angel (Yule 2013) - $20.00

USA shipping only, please.
18th-Aug-2014 04:13 pm - Quick Sale
Selling half bottle of Banshee Beat, $30 shipped. ( first class shipping, insurance available upon request) pending

Also have some more goodies, mostly BPTP:
Shipping will be $3.50 for 2 decants, and upwards if more. First class shipping with tracking. Shipped in new bubble mailers with plenty of bubble wrap and extras.

Atmos:1oz decants of atmos:$5 unless noted
Playful Cat - tested once
Mahogany Hall (one left)
Goblin of Yuletide Yet To Come
Snow White * $7
Pumpkin S'mores
squirts:The Inn $2

Bath Oils:
1 oz decants:
Gingerbread Poppet $5
Marshmallow Pumpkin $4
Butterfly Nectar 2oz bottle  $6
Eldrich Dark (one left) $5
Aunt Rosie's All-Purpose Cephalopod $5
Snake Oil $7

Massage Oils $5
1oz TKO
1oz Forumla 72

Bpal Bottles:

Sonnet D'Automne - hint over label $10

18th-Aug-2014 02:31 pm - Dragon*Con Circle!
Snow Naughty
Dragon*Con circle will be here! All orders must be in by mid-Wednesday.
18th-Aug-2014 11:32 am(no subject)
To anyone who ordered from me, everything is out in the mail today. I had envelope issues. Thank you so much for your patience and I hope you all enjoy your goodies!

This is what is left of my box, I'd prefer to sell it as a lot, which would ship out tomorrow.

Pink Mood
Haloa '10
Sugar Cookie '11
Yuletide '04
Boo '11
Schwarzer Mond '11
Third Charm
Zombie Apocolypse 4
Nepthys v3
Winter Time 1/2 bottle
The Masque 1/2 bottle
Strawberry Moon '09
Poisoned Apple
Blackbear Moon 1/2
Lady Una 1/2 bottle
Pumpkin Patch 1 '07
Egg Moon '10
Berry Moon '11
Waltz of the Snowflakes 3/4 bottle
Beaver Moon '11
Halloween in the Miskatonic University

$90 shipped for the lot. 
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