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25th-Apr-2016 09:59 pm - DISO Blooddrop - Just Like Heaven
I have a lot to swap for this in BPAL and Possets bottles/imps

My bottle is almost empty and I need some for my handfasting so I'll be out soon :((
I am absolutely desperate for anything from Wanton Voluptuousness: The Lucy Westenra Collection !
Decants, unloved bottles, anything but empties, please!



LUCY'S BOUDOIR atmosphere spray
LUCY IN DARKNESS atmosphere spray

Lucy, Kissed Perfume Oil
21st-Apr-2016 05:54 pm - Take My Stuff
I have stuff I don't want or need, and it fills no purpose just sitting in my boxes, unused and unloved.

Most has been bought from members of the BPAL forum, so imp and decant conditions vary. Some labels are taped, some replaced, many are rolled, a few are a bit stained, you know what it's like. If you want to know what a specific one looks like, just ask. They've all been cleanly tested.

There will be bubble wrap in bubble mailers.

Shipping from Sweden is $5, anywhere (internationally).

I have feedback on the forum here.


Bette Noir (TOL) - $13
Black Silk - $25
The Hell of Great Heat - $15
Jacob's Ladder (1/2) - $10
My Sweetest Lesbia - $15
Palmyra - $20
Scorpio (2007) (1/3) - $8
The Ship of Hel - $20
So Below - $30
Wildfire (2010) - $10

LE decants and discontinued imps, $3 each, 4 for $10 or 10 for $20
An Appraisal of Sensual Pleasure in the Four Seasons
The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil
Black Snowballs Green Party
House of Night
Hungry Ghost Moon (2011)
Liaison (2012)
Lips Full of Lust and Laughter
Male Nude, Arms Upstretched
Peninsula Fulminum
Penis Admiration
Portrait of an Unidentified Man as Mephistopheles
Pumpkin II (2012)
Springtime Playfulness
Venerable Priestess of the Wood
The Witches
The Witching Time of Night
Yellow Metal with Mingled Purple Blushes

50% decants, $1.50 each
Ceanothus Silkmoth
Clown White
The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones
Isidore's Phoenix
Polyester Spiderweb
The Snow at Midnight
The Snow-Shower
Sumai no Sechie

GC imps, $2 each, 10 for $15 or 20 for $20
Bon Vivant
Brusque Violet
Dragon's Milk
The Hamptons
Leanan Sidhe
Machu Picchu x2
Schrödinger's Cat
The Sea Foams Milk
Water of Notre Dame
15th-Apr-2016 10:11 pm(no subject)
Hi all,

I've added quite a few new items to my sales post on the .org...Banshee Beat, Underpants, and lots more!

Here's the link!
11th-Apr-2016 03:47 pm - selling/swapping: Large Harem decant
Anyone want a decant of The Large Harem? It didn't work on me, and I figure now's the time to get rid of it, so that anyone who might want a bottle has the opportunity to try it before the Lupers go away!

(I have other sales/swaps too, but this is more timely :) )
8th-Apr-2016 02:48 pm - Looking to buy Antique Lace 5ml
Looking to buy a 5ml bottle of Antique Lace
Please let me know if you have one you'd be willing to sell.
Hey guys I am still DISO anything from The Garden of Proserpine!
Please pm me or comment here. I will not give up on this search until I have at least a little piece of each in my hands.

(As a note: 2013 was a hard time in my life, the worst year I had until now and with this year shaping up to be even worse than that time, I wanted to treat myself and fill the void with the dream collection that got away. :) The poem means a lot to me.)

**Update 4/7/16**:

--Bottle of Crowned with Calm Leaves She Stands RECEIVED
--Bottle of Hope and Fear Set Free purchased and on its way to me.
--Bottle of I am Tired of Tears and Laughter purchased, not yet shipped.
3/9 bottles
31st-Mar-2016 11:54 am - Sales Post
Heres what I have below.

Shipping to US only! No swaps.....Paypal preferred + free shipping. (If 2 bottles or more is purchased,will add additonal $2 for shipping) "If any delays in shipping I will email to update on status"..

Forum name: "Trina"
If purchase item(s) will be shipped withing 5-7 business days

Full 5ml oils-unless noted

Black Moon-$10
Stimuulating Sassafras Strengether TOL -$15

Mrs Emma Marsh-$15 hlf full
When Life Shone Warm In Thine Eye-$15 hlf full
At The Mid hr Of Night-$15 hlf full

Black Silk-$25
Visions Of AutumnVII-$20

CT Gourmand-Strong chocolate cake smell(to my nose)-$18
CT Gourmand-Candy cake smell(to my nose)-$18
CT Oriental-Strong herbal lavender smell(to my nose)-$18
Clown White-$20
Apple V-$20
Diamond Star-$25
Snake Oil-+ 3yrs old-$25
Diamonds Gong--$17 hlf full
Moons Of Jupiter(Adrastea)-$25
Moons Of Jupiter(Amathea)-$25
Black Lace 13th Anniversary-$40
The Contrast-$25

Conjure Oils
Guardian Angel-$17
Holy Fuck-$17
28th-Mar-2016 01:34 pm - Moving Sale
[MUS:Q/Freddie] Singing
*One Day Sale*

Count Dracula: $50.00 if you buy any other bottle more than $20.00 with it. I paid $75.00 but I'm willing to let it go for $50.00 if the sale is for more than one bottle.
Snake Charmer Resurrected: $50.00 if you buy any other bottle more than $20.00 with it.

Category A:

Saw-Scaled Viper: $30.00
Cheshire Moon: $40.00
Milk Moon 2005: $30.00
Cupcake Splatter Analysis: $40.00
Pumpkin #4 2005: $25.00
Pumpkin #5 2005: $25.00

Category B:

Frederic (to label from clean decant): $20.00
Mutant Hot-Rodders from Hell: $23.00
Mead Moon 2008: $20.00
Comedy Splatter: $20.00
Strawberry Moon 2009: $23.00
Strawberry Moon 2009: $23.00
Worm Moon 2008: $19.00
Worm Moon 2008: $19.00
The Phantom Cow: $20.00
Aswang V1: $20.00
Al-Araaf (50% full from decant): $15.00
Stardust (55% full from decant): $15.00

Feel free to negotiate another price if you feel it is applicable. Do not be afraid I will get offended by an offer, the worst I will do is decline or suggest a median price in return.  The more bottles you buy, the more willing I am to negotiate. I'm about to move and I don't see a point in keeping what I won't use. I have pictures of everything.

$4.00 shipping to anywhere in the US. Can ship worldwide but will have to check on the price to ship. I pack my items well for shipping. Delivery confirmation is optional and at your expense.

Blackberry Jam
Strawberry Moon 2009
agameofthree Easter eggs
A: Bugs Bunny!

Bumping my sales post. I have lots listed at reasonable prices, so please take a look? Thanks! :)
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