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Bottles (full 5mls)
NEW All the Dust of the Land $23
Minamoto no Yorimasa and the Lotus Flower $23

BPTP products, full size and partials
NEW Antikythera Mechanism hair gloss $30
Peach Blossom Incense atmo spray, 2/3 full $18
Spiked Apple Cider candle (unburnt, like new) $22
Splendid Summer Days atmo spray $25
The White Bees Swarming hair gloss $28

Sniffie sets
NEW Plagues of Egypt: sniffies of the ten plagues for ten bucks! (Sorry, no Angel of Death...I really want to try that one!) $10

BPTP decants (all 1oz)
An Affinity for Passionflower bath oil $6
Cacao Dusted Sugar Skulls bath oil $6
Honeyed Golden Musk, Rosewater and Red Sandalwood atmo spray $6
Olibanum, Blood and Clove atmo spray $6
Peach Candyfloss atmo spray $7
NEW Revenant Rhythm atmo spray $6
NEW Rose Petals and Champa hair gloss $8
Shub Niggurath hair gloss $8
Sugar Plum and Vanilla Bean atmo spray $6
The Time of Gold bath oil $6
These Were the Four Loves Faded bath oil $6
Whisky, Candlesmoke and Musk atmo spray $6

Click here for the rest of my sales: loads of LE decants up for grabs, bottles and much more!
22nd-May-2015 10:58 pm - Ilustrated Woman, Aeronwen
[9] me tbh
So my sale post is gone? If I broke a rule or something, I apologize but I'm not sure what I did wrong.

Price drop-
Illustrated Woman x 2 - one full to between shoulder and label and one full to a little above shoulders/base of neck.

Aeronwen - full to between shoulders and label.

Take all three for 60$, 4$ shipping, or two for 45$, 4$ shipping, third bottle is then 25 shipped. Picture avail on request. Shipping is tracking, no insurance (avail for 2$ more), and bubble wrapped in bubble mailers. US to US.
Shipping to U.S only $4 includes tracking.

Will also take haggling into consideration if you want something, message me with an offer of what you'd be willing to pay versus my current price.

Will take pictures of bottles on request.

Reflected Vulva - $70
Burning Book SN - $50
Black Silk - $45
Gingerbread Jolly Roger - $30
Gaoler's Daughter - $28
Corrupt Chancellor - $28
20th-May-2015 12:36 pm - Sale, any 5 for $70 shipped!
Choose any five bottles for $70 including shipping worldwide.

A Golden Idol 70% full
Al Azif (label has some scuffs) 90% full
Aremata Popoa x2
Bernardino Dotted Blue (reducer cap) 40% full
Blood Pearl
Boadicea V9
Buen Viage
Byronic Antihero 15% full
Ceanothus Silkmoth 85% full
Chaos Theory III Strange Attractors VIII
Clermont 70% full
Creature Feature
Crib Girls (prototype label)
Crop Circles
Eight Petaled Lotus SN
Harigata II 50% full
Harigata II 90% full
Haute Macabre
Havisham (label marred) 10% full
His Station and Four Aces 95% full
Hungarian Caraway SN
Ivanushka 55% full
Kelly Pool
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente (reducer cap, modge-podged label) 50% full
Leopold Freiherr von Tsemekwes
Miss Lupescu
Mr. Croup (label marred) 80% full
New York Eve in Dogsville 95% full
Nightmarchers V5
Norman 60 % full
Peninsula Fulminum
Pteropus Leucopterus x2
Riding the Goat 80% full
Silas Ruthyn
Sitting Up With A Sick Friend 95% full
Sportive Sun
Te Po 85% full
The Court of Honour
The Creeping Mist (wand cap)
The Fox-Woman Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child
The Madwoman 50% full
The Phoenix at Dusk
The Visionary
Tiki King (wand cap)
Tiki King 30% full
Tp’d Tree
Two-Barred Flasher
Unveil the Grace in Thine Eyes 70% full
Wembley (wand cap)
When Stars Are Weeping
Wolf Spider (wand cap)
XNIA2 (wand cap)
19th-May-2015 04:01 pm - sales post
My entire sales post went poof - anyone know how that could have happened??
I will relist asap. :) (just did, removing other companies if that was the case)

I am doing some culling - more to come. Shipping will be next weekend 5/23

*Please purchase $15 or more from my sales to warrant a trip for me to the PO that is way out of my way! THANKS!


Please accept prices as is - I think I'm giving good discounts where I can. Haggling seems to lead misunderstandings and hurt feelings I just unfortunately found out.

(SHIPPING APPLIES UNLESS YOU SPEND $40 OR MORE or buy 3 bottles or more)!!!

ANYTHING ELSE except Luper/Liliths/Lunacy/imps/items in red, TAKE $5 OFF AND BUY 3 OR MORE, GET FREE SHIPPING!!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new work hours, I can usually only ship Saturdays; please do not fault me for this in feedback since I am telling you now when I ship. :) I also accept paypal!! :) I only ship with bubble mailers and delivery confirmation, US only, sorry. I charge $4 (prices have gone up :() for shipping which includes Delivery Confirmation! I always try to send extras!

Note - half bottles are not from used full bottles (usually tested once if that)- they were purchased as half bottles from decanters

Just added in red (And sorry for some of the higher prices, but I did pay more for some of the below bottles)

Just added BOTTLES:

BLACK SILK - $45 = pending

​Harmonicies Mundi - $27 - from etsy TAL

La Lugubre Gondola - 1/2 - $14

Peach III - 1/2 - $14

Peach IV - 2013 - $27

Peach V - 2013 - 1/2 - $14

Peach VI - 2013 - 1/2 - $14

Black Taffeta - $25

CD: Alley of Games - $30

Summer Lace - $25

1/2 bottle - The Diamond's Gong - $14

Ivory Vulva- BNNU - $30 - pending

Clive Barker - Imaginer - $30

Cuchulain's Fight With the Sea - 1/2 - $14

The Fairy Thorn 1/2 - $14

Wezwanie/Hold -from Pretty Indulgent, tested once, $24

Luper 2015 The Doom of Beauty - $23 bnnu

​A Lady Tall and White - BPTP - $14 - has a sticker on lid that says violetblue - 1/2

1/2 bottles from decanters: Liliths .Halloween, lunacy (not in sale):

Hearts for Ghost Friends - 14

Montes Harbinger - 1/2 bottle - $14 11/2014 Lunacy


Purple Snowballs - $23

Lady Cecily Sasquets - 1/2 bottle. $14 - from ECCC

Miss Ida NYCC: The Gentleman's Directory: New York City in 1870 - $22
Luna Negra 2011- BNNU - $45
Lunar Eclipse 2013 - $25
Beaver Moon 2012 - $30
The Orgy - 1/2 -$12
Hime Gyaru - $35
Red Sumatran Patchouli SN - $35 BNNU

*sorry for some of the prices but that is what I paid for most of them,

Buy 3 bottles get shipping free and $5 off each one does apply to these below:

Serotine Bat - $45 - what I paid for it, sorry the price is high
Great Vampire Bat - $40
Red Moon 2013 - $23
Hellionv2 proto - swap for DISOs or try me on a swap - I purchased this for 49.99 + shipping on ebay before I realized I had a tester of it and it doesn't work for me - now that price caps are $50, I'd do $50 for it shipped!
Decadence - BNNU - $23 (from etsy)
Orb Weave Spider - 1/2 bottle - $13
The Bloody Bannister - $23
Fizzy Jack O Lantern - 1/2 - $13
Sin in the Pumpkin Patch - 1/2 bottle - $13
Our Lady of Pain: The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses - $22 (tested once, still full past neck)

$10 bottles:

BPAL Antimony v9, etsy bottle
AP77(proto from etsy)- tested once
(I found mini reviews for these Here!)
Tanuki No Doke Daruma - 2.5 imps in bottle - does not look like 1/2 bottle but I know my decantress did not short me - $10

19th-May-2015 09:02 am - Updated sales post!
Added some lovelies over HERE, including bottles and imps dating back to 2008 and earlier. Plus a half imp of DUBLIN I may part with for the right price!
18th-May-2015 11:10 am(no subject)
Shipping in the US is $4, tracked and insured, international shipping depends on location. I love to frimp! Please give these beauties a new home!

All are directly from the lab unless otherwise stated.
Scrappy Damsel - BNNU backup- $23
Vain Sorceress - BNNU backup- $23
Wicked Matriarch - BNNU backup- $23
Helpful Crone - BNNU backup- $23
Katrina van Tassel - Full to shoulder, purchased from the forum - $45
Butterflies, Flowers and Jewels attending - BNNU backup- $30
Beaver Moon II (2013) -$16
Nymphes de Pave - $16
Mokey - $17
The King's Daughter - $19

OLLA - $20 Each, BNNU

Fragmented Alice - $20 each, BNNU backups
Time's Infliction of Eternity
Fractured Singularity

$10 bottles
Blauer Monde (I think it's 2010? No year on label)
Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes
Like Brooms of Steel - BNNU
Winter Stars - BNNU
Winter Heavens 2011 - BNNU
Autumn and Winter 2010 - cleanly tested once, wandcapped
Luna Azul (bat against moon label)
17th-May-2015 04:42 pm - Antique lace
Selling my 5ml of antique lace for 70$
NIN - Nine Inch Nails
Running a decant circle for DCC. All the details can be found here, where you can submit your order:
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