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Hello all! In honor of Memorial Day, I'm holding a 10% off sale at my sales post. Any purchase made before noon PST on Tuesday, May 31st will have 10% taken off the pre-shipping total. Loads of lovely scents lurk behind the fake cut; GCs, Yules, Weenies, Lupers, Lunacies, Shungas, Event-Onlys, Single Notes, there's something for everyone! I have goodies from quite a few other etailers as well, plus a handful of non-scent items including a full set of the Celtic Tarot. I also offer free US shipping and half-off international shipping for any purchase of $30.00 or more, and of course you can always pick a free sniffy from the list at the bottom of my post with any purchase.

Click to find BPAL, Conjure Oils, Heaven and Earth Essentials, Nocturne Alchemy, Possets, Super Bad, ZOMG Smells and more!

I also have one special bottle to rehome:

Gothabilly (33mm w/dip, full to neck), $90.00 $81.00
"Black vanilla, Egyptian musk, Rožolj liqueur, and black cherries."

I am willing to haggle, especially for multi-item purchases. ^_^
28th-May-2016 07:01 pm - Ending Tonight!
Listed some imps dating back to 2012 on eBay, including DC'd lovelies such as Shadow Witch Orchid, The Coil, Hermia, Goneril, & Frumious Bandersnatch!

Scent descriptions and pertinent info included in the listings.
Combined shipping available with my other BPAL auctions - all additional purchases ship free! Shipping worldwide, take a peek! CLICK HERE!

Auctions ending in the next couple of hours!
28th-May-2016 12:29 pm - Time to sell the BPALs!
My never-ending quest to get stuff out of the house continues. I have too much BPAL and need to have less. Reply here or email me at theavidbeader AT gmail DOT com if you're interested in anything.

- Inside the US, perfume only - $4 for most purchases
- Inside the US, BPTP bottles - $5 for one, $8 for two
- International - I'll give you an exact quote for postage first, bumped down a little from what USPS asks
- Free shipping if you spend $50 or more

BPAL and BPTP stuff in hereCollapse )

Thanks for looking!
Lowered prices!!  I need to move this stuff.  Looking to sell some BPAL 5ml bottles from my stash, and also a group of etailer scents. All kept in a box on the closet shelf for years. Non-smoking home. Paypal only, USA and international shipping.  I don't sell much BPAL, but I do sell the glass beads I make on Etsy, and you can check my feedback here:  Glass House Arts
Click here for photos of each bottle. Thanks for checking out my stuff!

3 Day eBay Auctions ending Sunday!!!
Velvet Pink Kitty - Limited Edition 2009 - eBay
Beaver Moon - A Little Lunacy Nov. 2007 - Filled to top of label - eBay
Faith - Carnaval Diabolique - eBay

BPTP Marshmallow Poof - Limited Edition Treat Halloweenie 2007- $55 - Filled to a hair below top of label (pending)

The Lovers - Neil Gaiman Tarot - $30 - Full
The Fool - Neil Gaiman Tarot - $30 - Full
The Priestess - Neil Gaiman Tarot - $30 - Full
Atrocious Attic - Limited Edition Halloweenie 2007 (original release) - $38 - Full
Spirits of the Dead - A Demon In My View 2005 Original Release - $40 - Full to top of shoulder
April Fool 2008 - $25 - Full
Lick It Like You Mean It - Xmas 2008 - $17 - 2/3 Full
Possets Silver Roses, Haunt Rasa, Coco Pink Gothic Lolita, Woobie Flying Monkies, Woobie Sun Goddess - $35 for all 5 (pic)

Vintage Wylde Ivy Rollerball Perfume Oils in 1/3 ounce glass bottles (these are all circa 2009-2011) $15 each.
These are all full to the top of the label or more, only tested out by me.  Stored in a dark box on a shelf for years.
Click here for a photo gallery of the bottles

The following scents are discontinued:
Wylde Cocoa
Black Cat
Lemon Cream Danish
I Like Candy
Orange Fluff Cake
Indigo Moon
Black Vanilla
Smothered In Blueberries
Queen Bee
The Pale Moon
Sugar Rose
Love Puff
Neroli Cream
Olive Leaf & Lemon

These scents are still in production, although not in the rollerball bottle that I have.  These are also $15 each.
White Cashmere
Fairy Lily
Violet Fluff
Looking to sell some BPAL 5ml bottles from my stash, and also a group of etailer scents. All kept in a box on the closet shelf for years. Non-smoking home. Paypal only, USA and international shipping.  I don't sell much BPAL, but I do sell the glass beads I make on Etsy, and you can check my feedback here:  Glass House Arts

Velvet Pink Kitty - Limited Edition 2009 - $50
Pink rock candy, strawberry cream, and splashes of gin, vermouth, and grenadine.

BPTP Marshmallow Poof - Limited Edition Treat Halloweenie 2007- $65
A gooey mound of white fluffiness!
Filled to a hair below top of label

Beaver Moon
Wild cherry with vanilla cream accord, and a hint of strawberry.
Filled to top of label

Atrocious Attic - Limited Edition Halloweenie 2007 (original release) - $50
The air of the room is dusty, laced with the scent of a child's perfume and the remnants of a dried, crumbling bridal bouquet: tea rose, violet, white sandalwood, French lavender, and Calla lily.

Possets Silver Roses, Haunt Rasa, Coco Pink Gothic Lolita, Woobie Flying Monkies, Woobie Sun Goddess
I'd like to sell these as a 5 pack.  Fill levels can be seen in the photos. $40 for the group.
22nd-May-2016 11:58 am(no subject)
Heres what I have below.

Shipping to US only! No swaps.....Paypal preferred + free shipping. (If 2 bottles or more is purchased,will add additonal $2 for shipping) "If any delays in shipping I will email to update on status"..

Forum name: "Trina"
If purchase item(s) will be shipped withing 5-7 business days

Full 5ml oils-unless noted

Black Moon-$10
Stimuulating Sassafras Strengether TOL -$15

Mrs Emma Marsh-$15 hlf full
When Life Shone Warm In Thine Eye-$15 hlf full
At The Mid hr Of Night-$15 hlf full

Black Silk-$25
Visions Of AutumnVII-$20

CT Gourmand-Strong chocolate cake smell(to my nose)-$18
CT Gourmand-Candy cake smell(to my nose)-$18
CT Oriental-Strong herbal lavender smell(to my nose)-$18
Clown White-$20
13(2015) hlf full-$20
Apple V-$20
Diamond Star-$25
Snake Oil-+ 3yrs old-$25 sold
Moons Of Jupiter(Adrastea)-$25
Moons Of Jupiter(Amathea)-$25
Black Lace 13th Anniversary-$40 sold
The Contrast-$23 sold
The Initiation-$23 sold
Fresh and Blooming as a Rose-$25
Stekkiarstaur-$25 sold
Snow at Dusk-$23 sold
Easter Lily-$23
Pere Noel-$23 sold

Conjure Oils
Guardian Angel-$17
Holy Fuck-$17
De-stashing to pay the bills while I'm waiting for my next job assignment. Not considering swaps at this time, because utilities. -.-

I'm doing my best to look up everything and get it priced reasonably. Please let me know if I overpriced or something isn't LE anymore and I'll make corrections. Shipping in the U.S will be $3, PayPal only.

5 ml's (full unless noted)

Beth's Blue Moon 2009 - $16
Brian's Blue Moon 2009 x2 - $16
Blue Moon 2007 - $12
Cold Moon 2004 60% of imp -$6
Blood Moon 2005 25% - $6
Pumpkin Patch #2 - $17
Scheherazade 25% - $5
Peach IV 2013 40% - $9
Red Moon 2007 - $18
Smut (smudged label) 40% - $6
Dirty top of label -$13
Hay Moon 2008 top of label - $19
Australian Copperhead just under label - make offer
Hungry Ghost moon 2006 sniffie $2

In brown dropper vials:

Aged Snake Oil 2007 about 2 imps worth - $7
Snow White 2004 about 1 imps worth - $4.50

LE/disc/rare imps:

Count Dracula 85% - $3.50. Pending!
The Candy Butcher
Blue Moon 2004
Hay Moon $2
Red Moon 80% $1.50
Chant D'Automne - $1.50
Meditation in Autumn -$1.50
There's a Certain Slant of light $1.50
Ichabod Crane 50% .50c
Spider $1.50
Pumpkin Cheesecake (sniffie, free with purchase)
Harikata 50% .50c
Pickled Imp (sniffle, free with purchase)
Black Death $5
Ouroboros $1.50
A Blade of Grass (20%, free with purchase)
Perpetuum Bonuum 50% - .50c
Sol Invictus 2006 - $2
Mina Murray 80% $1 pending!
Pumpkin Queen 50% $3
MonsterBait Closet $3
Pumpkin patch 2&4 $2.50 each
Harvest Moon 2006 $3
Tarot: Judgement (so old it has the original imps ear tied on with hand written label) 80% -$5
Asp Viper 50% $2
Cottonmouth -$4
Habu - $4
Yule 2008 - The Magi, Gelt, Sugar Cookie, Jacobs Ladder, Larentalia, Winter of our discontent. $1.50 each

GE $1 unless noted, fill levels minimum 70% unless noted

Queen of Sheba
Blood Countess
Penny Dreadful
Dragon's Reverie
Bien Loin D'ici
The Lion
Sudha Segara
The lion
Dragon's Tears
Titus Andronicus
No. 93 Engine
Brown Jenkins
Dragon's Bone
Sea of Glass

* GC stuff and pricing on above later, face is melting off from allergies.
25th-Apr-2016 09:59 pm - DISO Blooddrop - Just Like Heaven
I have a lot to swap for this in BPAL and Possets bottles/imps

My bottle is almost empty and I need some for my handfasting so I'll be out soon :((
I am absolutely desperate for anything from Wanton Voluptuousness: The Lucy Westenra Collection !
Decants, unloved bottles, anything but empties, please!



LUCY'S BOUDOIR atmosphere spray
LUCY IN DARKNESS atmosphere spray

Lucy, Kissed Perfume Oil
21st-Apr-2016 05:54 pm - Take My Stuff
I have stuff I don't want or need, and it fills no purpose just sitting in my boxes, unused and unloved.

Most has been bought from members of the BPAL forum, so imp and decant conditions vary. Some labels are taped, some replaced, many are rolled, a few are a bit stained, you know what it's like. If you want to know what a specific one looks like, just ask. They've all been cleanly tested.

There will be bubble wrap in bubble mailers.

Shipping from Sweden is $5, anywhere (internationally).

I have feedback on the forum here.


Bette Noir (TOL) - $13
Black Silk - $25
The Hell of Great Heat - $15
Jacob's Ladder (1/2) - $10
My Sweetest Lesbia - $15
Palmyra - $20
Scorpio (2007) (1/3) - $8
The Ship of Hel - $20
So Below - $30
Wildfire (2010) - $10

LE decants and discontinued imps, $3 each, 4 for $10 or 10 for $20
An Appraisal of Sensual Pleasure in the Four Seasons
The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil
Black Snowballs Green Party
House of Night
Hungry Ghost Moon (2011)
Liaison (2012)
Lips Full of Lust and Laughter
Male Nude, Arms Upstretched
Peninsula Fulminum
Penis Admiration
Portrait of an Unidentified Man as Mephistopheles
Pumpkin II (2012)
Springtime Playfulness
Venerable Priestess of the Wood
The Witches
The Witching Time of Night
Yellow Metal with Mingled Purple Blushes

50% decants, $1.50 each
Ceanothus Silkmoth
Clown White
The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones
Isidore's Phoenix
Polyester Spiderweb
The Snow at Midnight
The Snow-Shower
Sumai no Sechie

GC imps, $2 each, 10 for $15 or 20 for $20
Bon Vivant
Brusque Violet
Dragon's Milk
The Hamptons
Leanan Sidhe
Machu Picchu x2
Schrödinger's Cat
The Sea Foams Milk
Water of Notre Dame
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