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30th-Jun-2015 10:15 am - Eve from OLLA BNNU
Snow Naughty
Quick and DIrty bottle of Eve from OLLA.

$75 OBO between now and 3pm today.  Make your offers!  I'm going on vacation tomorrow so if you can pay by 3pm, I can ship it by 4pm!

Will ship anywhere.
29th-Jun-2015 05:25 pm(no subject)
I have stuff I don't want or need, and it fills no purpose just sitting in my boxes, unused and unloved.

Most has been bought from members of the BPAL forum, so imp and decant conditions vary. Some labels are taped, some replaced, many are rolled, a few are a bit stained, you know what it's like. If you want to know what a specific one looks like, just ask. They've all been cleanly tested.

There will be bubble wrap in bubble mailers.

Shipping from Sweden is $5, anywhere (internationally).

I have feedback on the forum here.


Bette Noir (TOL) - $13
Café Mille et une Nuits - $28
Carlin (25%) - $7
The Fairies - $20
The Hell of Great Heat - $15
Lenore (TOL) - $18
Marianne - $28
My Sweetest Lesbia - $15
On the Death of His Mistress - $15
Wildfire 2010 - $10

LE DECANTS AND DISCONTINUED GCs, $3 each or 4 for $10
A Nocturnal Reverie
Bette Noir
Bezoar (50%) - $1.50
Black Heart
Calligraphy Practise
Ceanothus Silkmoth (50%) - $1.50
Devil's Claw
Great Grey Witch
The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair
Harvest Moon 2006 (very smudged handwritten label)
The Hesperides
House of Night
I Married a Vampire from Planet X
Incipient Madness
Jezirat al Tennyn
Liaison (2012)
Lovers With Rutting Cats
La Mano del Destino (50%) - $1.50
Midnight Kiss
Mr. Ibis
The Norns' Farmhouse
On the Death of his Mistress
Phantom Queen x3
The Phoenix at Midday (50%) - $1.50
Pomona (50%) - $1.50
Purple Phoenix
Rangoon Riptide
Serpent's Kiss
Sonnet d'Automne
Springtime Playfulness
The Sword of Surtur
The Two-Headed Goat (50%) - $1.50
Wild Indigo Duskywing
Witchblade (50%) - $1.50
Yucca Giant-Skipper

GC IMPS, $2 each, 10 for $15 or 20 for $20
The Caterpillar
Cheshire Cat
Cobra Lily
Deep In Earth
Dragon's Musk
Fire of Love
Grand Guignol
The Great Sword of War
The Hamptons
Kumari Kandam
Les Fleur du Mal x2
The Lion
Mary Read
Miskatonic University
The Phantom Wooer
Queen Alice
The Red Queen
Santo Domingo
Strangler Fig
The Witch's Garden
29th-Jun-2015 10:02 am(no subject)
I've been away from the bpal scene for quite awhile now since I have more perfume than I could ever use in a few lifetimes. Anyways, now that I've had my first baby, I really need these even less. All bottles listed here are from around 2012 and before.

Shipping: USA: For three bottles or less, shipping will be $3. For more than three bottles, shipping will be $6 in a flat rate priority box. International: I can only ship Fridays, and cost would be $5 for 3 bottles or less. Not sure how much it would be for more than three bottles...

I have no idea what these are worth these days, so I am listing everything for the price I paid. Most of these have never even been used by me. All the ones listed here were stored in my desk in the dark. I am destashing nearly everything, so I will be generous with freebies. :)

Any questions, feel free to ask. Will be adding more, so check back. Thanks! Also, I believe I followed price cap rules, but let me know if you notice something off.

Sadly listing:

Jingo Kogo v6 $250 3/4ths full. This is less than what I paid for it and I never even used it since the decant and other bottle I have of this one is still half full as well. May be listing those next, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet. I even have the ebay email and paypal statement still if you'd like to see it. I hate to set the price so high. :( This one will be sent with insurance attached. Never thought I'd let any of this one go... If you'd like a picture of the fill level, let me know.

Al Azif (Full) $12
Autumn Lace (Full) $20
Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand (1/3rd full) $7

Bengal (old style label, Full to TOL) $15
Bien Loin D'ici (Full) $17
Black Orchid v3 (Full) $25
Blossoms in Springtime (TOL) $20
Byron v12 (2/3rds full) $10

Cabaret.Goth (Full) $50
Capela dos Ossos v5 (Full) $22
CD: Misfortune Teller v3 (Full) $30
Chokmah 10 ml (Full cobalt bottle) $40
The Court of Honor (Full) $20
Crypt King set with coffin (Never opened) $50
Crypt King perfume only (Full) $25

Earth Ox '09 (just below shoulder of bottle) $20
Epomophorus Monstrosus (Full) $20

Glitter (From 2005? Really old style label and squat cobalt bottle protected with nail polish) $20
Great Vampire Bat (Full) $30
The Gorobble (little more tha 2/3rds full) $16

Haloa '11 (1/3rd full) $8
Hod 10ml (cobalt bottle full to TOL) $45
India Ink SN (Full to Top of Label) $50

Imp (Full) $16

Jack (Full) $17
Joyful Moon (Full) $25
Khrysee (Full to TOL) $30

Lady Death Savage (Extremely full) $24
Leather Phoenix 9th Anniversary (Full) $20

Luna Negra (3/4ths full) $20

Malkuth 10 ml (2/3rds full cobalt bottle) $40
Miss Jenny (Full to top of label) $25

Mr. Ibis (3/4ths full) $16
Narrow Opening (Full) $20
Nepthys v3 (Full to Top of Label) $15

The Night Hag Visiting the Lapland Witches 3/4ths full) $16

Ondurdis '11 (just below shoulder of bottle) $20

Paladin (Full) $15
Pale Student of the Unhallowed Arts (TOL) $20
Pallas Athene (Full) $25
Panther Moon (Full) $30

Peach I '13 (slight dip below shoulder of bottle) $20
Phyllocrania Paradoxa v1 (2/3rds full) $15

Pumpkin Latte '10 (Little below half full) $8
Pumpkin Princess '11 (3/4ths full) $16
The Queen's Salon (Full) $20

Red Lace (Full) $22
Regina Erebi (bit more tha 1/2 full) $10

SDPU1 (Full to just above TOL) $20
Serotine Bat (Full) $28
Sin (Full) $15
Snake Oil from June '09 (2/3rds full) $25
Snow Angel 2008 (Full to TOL) $25
Spanked 2011 (Full) $25

The Ta-ta (half full) $10
Tetramorph v2 (Full to just below TOL) $17

Thousands of Lights (Full to just below TOL) $20
The Turkish Village (Full) $20

The Two-Tailed Sogg (1/3rd full) $8
The Unheavenly City (Full) $20
UOH2 (Full) $22
Tuberose SN (Full to TOL cobalt bottle) $60

Vixen (very full) $15
Wiley Grasser (Full) $40


Leo Stellium (Full) $25
Samhain 2011 (Full) $22
28th-Jun-2015 11:53 am(no subject)
US mail is $3.50 and for US orders including full BPTP bottles, please add $3.00 in shipping. International orders will be calculated and quoted by weight for all purchases!

Event Exclusives
Bakunawa (Dcon exclusive) - tested 2x - $20.00
Dysopes Tenius (2013 Bat's Day) - tested 2x - $20.00
Noctule Bat (2013 Bat's Day) - tested 2x - $20.00
Lindworm (Dcon exclusive) - tested 2x - $20.00
Onagawa Kisaburo Blowing Smoke at One Eyed Monsters (Sakuracon exclusive) - with wand cap, to TOL - $10.00
The Lady of Lake Ronkonkoma (NYCC exclusive) - 2/3-3/4 full - $10.00
The Grand (Great) Basin (c2E2 exclusive) - tested 2x - $20.00
Liberty (SDCC) - cleanly tested 1x - $15.00
Peach VI (DCon) - Cleanly tested 1x - $22.00
Loved to Death - $25.00
One Pale Woman - $20.00

Protos (descriptions based on my perceptions - YMMV!)
Grand Guignol v4 - tested 1x cleanly - $20.00 (red musk, fruits, very dark)
Black Orchid v3 - to shoulder with wand cap - $20.00 (Orchid and vetiver)
Nahemoth v7- full - $17.00 (incense and opium? maybe dark musk?)
B.B3 - full to shoulder - $17.00 (red musk and sasparilla?)
Clytemnestra v3 - a little less than 50% - $8.00 (Dark, swirling apple plus orchid and other exotic florals)
PRC12 - full (nuts and resins) - $10.00
Cleric v2 - tested 2x cleanly (lemon and amber) - $10.00
Arsenic v2 - tested 1x cleantly, full to shoulder (tropical floral) - $10.00
Lady Lovibond v2 - super full into neck (green, tropical, watery scent) - $10.00

Retail Exclusives
Curved Sky (fractured alice) - $20.00
Imaginer (Clive Barker) - $20.00
Fractured Singularity (Fractured Alice) - $20.00
Haute Macabre - at TOL - $25.00

Schwartzer Mond 2011 - tested 1x cleanly -$20.00
Blue Moon 2012 (label has cow jumping over moon) - tested 2x - $18.00
Red Moon 2013 - tested 3x - $15.00

Sinister Salon (2012 Weenie) - tested 1x - $15.00
Wretched Rose Window (2012 Weenie)- tested 1x - $15.00
The Ghastly Garden (2012 Weenie) - tested 2x - $15.00
Gluwein (2008 inquisition) - to 1mm above TOL, won in lab auction - $35.00
Creeping Mist - 2/3 full with wandcap - $10.00

Last Evening of the Year (2011 Yule) - 50% with wandcap, decant circle leftover bottle - $8.00
Claircognizance - 50% full from decant circle - $10.00

Mischievous Spirit (2012 Shunga) - tested 1x - $15.00
Before The Snowy Window (2012 Shunga) - full - $15.00
Antique (2013) - $20.00

Tweedledee - tested 2x - $12.00
Opium Poppy - lab full (purchased circa 2011) - $12.00
Meshkenet, the Vulture Maiden - full into neck - $18.00

Everything Else
April Fool 2008 - test 2x - $15.00
Io - 3/4 full - $10.00
Lord Teishan with a demon behind a screen - cleanly tested 1x - $15.00
Copper Phoenix (minus 1.5 decants) - $12.00

Peach Blossom Incense Atmo - $25 - sprayed once
Pyriphlegethonian Pomegranite Atmo - $20 - to TOL
The Old Hall atmo - $20 - to TOL
Honeyed Frankincense hair gloss - 1 oz decant - $7.00

Other E-Tailers

Nocturne Alchemy
Nocturne: Sapphire Honey Rez - $10.00 (Warm musk + honey)
Nocturne: Citrine Kobalt (FEx) - $10.00 (Vanilla + lemon balm)
Nocturne: Blue Lazuli Moonstone (Nocturne Alchemy FEx) - $10.00 (Vanilla and Jasmine)
Scary Cat X (Nocturne Alchemy FEx) - $10.00 (Apricot Cream, Graveyard Musk, Nokturne:Santalum Sweet (sweet Sandalwood, unreleased) and Nokturne:Sapphire in the original, and I think they added vanilla to the FEx version as it is predominantly vanilla on me)
Memphis (GC) tested 1x - $10.00
Cherry Santalam (SE) - $10.00
Nocturne: Sapphire Honey Rez (FEX) - opened to sniff - $10.00
Nocturne Alchemy: Frankinscence Sokolata (Frankinscence and chocolate) - $10.00
Nocturne Alchemy: Ozymandius X - tested 3x - $10.00

T.S. Goodfellow's Winter Correctives: Laughter (Arcana) - $8.00
Venous Return (Arcana) - $10.00

Shegurochka (Blooddrop) - full - $8.00

Hi, welcome to my sale! Shipping is $2.50 (USPS First Class w/Tracking) on everything listed, including multiple bottles. I can also ship internationally, just contact me for more shipping information. I used to be active on the forum a few years ago and have done many sales/swaps on here and the forum. Please check back, I will be adding more in the coming days and weeks. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

HOPE - Carnival Diabolique, Full, $35
(Sugared rose.)

KATRINA VAN TASSEL - Wand Cap, Minus one decant, $28
(White rose and honeyed cream.)

REGAN - Disc. GC, Wand Cap, label has discoloration in the middle, Minus one decant, $40
(A deceptively sweet orchid vanille with a faint trace of stephanotis.)

COURTNEY - Minus one decant, $18
(A sweet and over-the-top girly teenybopper perfume mixed with a little tanning lotion and a healthy dollop of pink (very, very pink) bubblegum.)

THIRTEEN (OCTOBER 2006) - Full w/dip, $20 Pending
(Cocoa and vanilla beans, Mysore sandalwood, star fruit, orange rind, red amber, fig leaf, mimosa, rooibos tea, bourbon geranium, rose otto, nutmeg, and lavender. reviews)

HATSHEPSUT v3 - Full w/dip, $20
(Prototype - Tropical fruit/floral, amber, and soft resins/patchouli? (reviews))

PL176 - oil is naturally cloudy and has bits/sediments?, smells great, minus half-decant, $20
(Prototype - Orange and musk?, please see reviews.)

HOD -  (Original), Discontinued,10ml, 50% full, $25
(No official notes. Honeyed creamy ambery vanilla and spicy carnations? Please see reviews.)

VELVET UNICORN PROTOTYPE - around 70% full, not sure how to price it, lmk if interested - maybe a swap? Possibly pending

HAUMEA V1 - Full, $20
(Prototype - Tropical floral, fruit, and vanilla? Smells a little bit like Coconut, Vanilla Bean, and Tiare HG, reviews)

TALVIKKU 2005 - Cobalt bottle, 85% - $18
(Skeletal limbs of birch and fir coated in a thick, impenetrable blanket of snow.)

27th-Jun-2015 05:57 pm - Piles of scents for sale!!
Crumpet Rebellion
Hello fellow scent fans! A huge number of perfume oils and other goodies needing new homes awaits you at my sales post! My recent additions include Peach II, Egg Nog Latte, Love and Sleep and other goodies. Loads of other lovely scents lurk behind the fake cut; GCs, Yules, Weenies, Lupers, Lunacies, Tikis, Shungas, Event-Onlys, Single Notes, CDs, there's something for everyone! I have goodies from quite a few other etailers as well, plus a handful of non-scent items including a full set of the Celtic Tarot. I also offer free US shipping and half-off international shipping for any purchase of $30.00 or more, and of course you can always pick a free sniffy from the list at the bottom of my post with any purchase.

Click to find BPAL, Arcana, Conjure Oils, Heaven and Earth Essentials, Nocturne Alchemy, Possets, Super Bad, ZOMG Smells and more!

I also have one extra-special bottle that I have to part with. Delicious as it is, it's just not getting used....

Candy Butcher (36mm, full well into neck), $120.00 shipped
"Dark chocolate with a heavy cream undertone."

I purchased this beauty not long after Carnaval Diabolique went live. It will ship with its pitch card, carefully packed to avoid card bending. PM or email me if you have any questions!
25th-Jun-2015 10:38 pm - Bottles all $14 or less!

Shipping is $3.00 for sales on any number of bottles/imps

LE/DISC 5mls:

-Beatrice (full- cobalt bottle) $12

A fragile, winsome, poisonous blend of rare, precious and graceful flowers, rich blossoms and spicy perfumes that passes heavily, as a broken heart, across the borders of Time.

-Hod: Resurrected (1/3 bottle, label completely shot) $4

-My Mom with the Sun in Her Hands (full to label) $12

Champaca flower, cardamom, yellow sandalwood, Italian bergamot, magnolia, and lemon peel.

-The Queen's Salon (full to just under label) $12

-LE/DC/TAL DECANTS (full, unless noted otherwise):

-About Midnight $4

-Avunculus $3

-Beautiful Death $5

-Blackberry Jam & Scones (85% full) $9

-Chanukkiyah $3

-Cherokee Rose SN $3

-The Gaoler's Daughter (1/2 full) $2
-Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream
(a bit less than 1/2 full) $2
-Knockout Drops $3
-Libra $3

-Like Brooms of Steel (1/2 full) $2
-Mandrake $2

-MB: Tokyo Stomp $4

-Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller $8

-Occupy Wallstreet $3
-Opuhi $4

-Psychodynamic Discharge $3

-Purple Spotted Swallowtail $4

-Red Phoenix $4

-Samhain 2014 (1/2 full) $2
-Skadi 2013
(1/2 full) $2
-Sumatran Red Patchouli SN
(about 80% full) $4
-TAL:Concentration $5
-TAL:Hymn to Pan $5

-The Vampire Bride (80% full) $3
-Velvet Clown
(80% full) $4
-The Witch Bride $3

GC IMPS ($1 each and at least 80% full unless noted):

-Aperotos Eros
-Baobhan Sith
-Black Hellebore Honey
-Black Tower
-Depraved x2
-Devil's Claw
-Greed x2
-Machu Picchu
-Opium Poppy
-Phoenix Steamworks
-Santa Eularia Des Riu
-Vicomte de Valmont
-Water of Notre Dame

BPTP Atmosphere Sprays:

-Lovers With Tortoiseshell Harigata- sample decanted into 5ml spritzer bottle $4

-Peach Blossom Incense- sample decanted into 5ml spritzer bottle $4

-Red Roses and Old Bones- (about 2/3 full 4oz bottle)- $14

-Skoocoom House sample decanted into 5ml spritzer bottle $4

I also have this size small babydoll BPTP t-shirt in the Touche design. This is in very good condition. Selling for $7.

NIN - Nine Inch Nails
I haven't been advertising my circles here as much because busy, but I have a few spots in some already ordered decant circles. This includes Chaos Theory, the Baobhan Sith bath oil, and Haute Macabre (Esbat & So Below). All of the orders are placed, though I am making a BPAL order soon if internationals or anyone would like add ons.

For chaos theory, all decants / half bottles are assumed unique unless otherwise specified (meaning they won't come from the same bottle).

Here's the form for ordering, or you may comment on LJ (Form is easier):

These are the prices...

Chaos Theory:
Decant: $4.00
Half Bottle: $11.50
Haute Macabre:
Decant: $5.50
BPTP June Lunacy:
Decant: $7.50
Half Bottle: $12.50
US Shipping: $4.00 under 4oz
International: Calculated by oz
22nd-Jun-2015 02:00 pm - Destashing! Some HTFs
Shipping from Hong Kong with tracking, starting from $3.5. Shipping time varies, 1 - 2 weeks normally.
Please comment below or PM me, listed in Google Doc for easy reference.
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