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25th-Oct-2014 01:35 pm - HUGE SALE



PLEASE NOTE: Due to new work hours, I can usually only ship Saturdays; please do not fault me for this in feedback since I am telling you now when I ship. :) I also accept paypal!! :) I only ship with bubble mailers and delivery confirmation, US only, sorry. I charge $4 (prices have gone up :() for shipping which includes Delivery Confirmation! I always try to send extras! Feel free to make a swap offer if you see something you want and have something on my wishlist!

Just added in red (And sorry for some of the higher prices, but I did pay more for some of the below bottles)Haggle if you wish!

Avunculus - tested once - $21
Nocturne Alchemy - Black Crystal Candy Apple - $23 - tested once ($25 on site, will include samples they sent me)
Lady Cecily Sasquets - 1/2 bottle. $14 - from ECCC
Shark Tooth 1/2 bottle. $14
Diamond Star 1/2 bottle.  $14
Brown Thrasher 1/2 bottle. $14
Miss Ida NYCC: The Gentleman's Directory: New York City in 1870 - $22
Luna Negra 2011- BNNU - $45
Lunar Eclipse 2013 - $25
Beaver Moon 2012 - $30
The Orgy - 1/2 -$12
Little Flora - 1/2 - $12
Dolly Keio - $40 (misspelled, original label)
Hime Gyaru - $40
Red Sumatran Patchouli SN - $35 BNNU

Haus of Gloi - COZY SWEATER - $10 - tested once
Midway Plasiance Atmo - full to label - $25 shipping may be $2 more
*sorry for some of the prices but that is what I paid for most of them,

BLOODROP 5mls (new!) - all tested once, $10 each (paid 15)
Candied Apple

WEENIES 2013 imps:
2013 Weenie Decants 4.50 each:

Goblin Market
Dorian in the Pumpkin Patch
September Midnight

Reg. priced Perfume BOTTLES - Below are not part of sale for $10, but buy 2 bottles get shipping free does apply:

Serotine Bat - $45 - what I paid for it, sorry the price is high
Great Vampire Bat - $40
NA Rhinstone Mummy - $15
Blue Snowballs 2012- 1/2 - 12.50
Red Moon 2013 - $20
I Fell In Love With A Floating Brain v1 - $23
Hungry Ghost Moon, from Etsy (2006 version) - $23
Hellionv2 proto - swap for DISOs or try me on a swap - I purchased this for 49.99 + shipping on ebay before I realized I had a tester of it and it doesn't work for me - now that price caps are $50, I'd do $50 for it shipped!
Decadence - BNNU - $23 (from etsy)
Blood Champagne - tested once 20
Sangria Champagne - 20
Orb Weave Spider - 1/2 bottle - $13
The Bloody Bannister - $20
Fizzy Jack O Lantern - 1/2 - $13
Peach II - 1/2 - $14
Sin in the Pumpkin Patch - 1/2 bottle - $13
The Lurid Library 2012 - 1/2 bottle - $14
Our Lady of Pain: The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses - $22 (tested once, still full past neck)

Pink Corset - $15

SALE BELOW- all my bottles below are $10 or less.

Antimony v9, etsy bottle - 10
Conjure Oils - Anubis Protoype - 10
Conjure Oils - Madagascar Vanilla SN - 10
Lord Teishin With a Demon Behind a Screen- about 1.5 imps in bottle, possibly 2 - $8
APDAY3 (proto from etsy)- tested once 10
AP77(proto from etsy)- tested once -10
(I found mini reviews for these Here!)
Albedo v5 - (proto from etsy)- tested once, $10
Tanuki No Doke Daruma - 2.5 imps in bottle - does not look like 1/2 bottle but I know my decantress did not short me - $10
Poisson d'Avril - 1/2 , $10
BPTP Plum Puddin' - half bottle - $10
MUV3 5ml = from etsy 10
PRC 12 5ml = from etsy 10

Rosy Cheeks -10
Purple Egg - $15 (this one is 12)
Sultrylicious -10

Violette Market (included in sale)
The Wedding Feast - BNNU Black plum, vanilla cream, white and brown sugar sculptures, rose water- glazed cakes, cinnamon, flowering quince, lemon leaf, dewy pear, almond paste, crushed black pepper, pink apple, meat pies with sweet pecan crust, roasted meats, rosemary, and skewered fennel. - $10
Horror Night at the Movies - about half - $9
Custom Macaroon Blend 5ml - I only added Marshmallow to the base - $10


MOONALISA BUBBLE BARS - 4.95 each - I have 4 total - check with me on scents. :)

Brand new, never used Black Pearl forum perfume, $40, shipping will be $10 due to having to send UPS (USPS does not allow perfume to be mailed), and shipping will even probably be more than that

Please check my feedback, as I have swapped a lot here, and before the feedback feature was here!

Thanks for looking!

25th-Oct-2014 01:56 am - BPAL sales
Bottles (full 5mls unless noted)
Day of the Skulls (original) $18
It Doesn't Matter Which Way You Go (Century Guild) $22
Peach VII (half full) $14
Question Mark $23
Skytyping with Chemtrails (minus one decant) $18
Spooky Action At A Distance (half full) $14
Sunbird (label is stained but oil is in good condition) $26
When Stars Are Weeping (half full) $14

BPTP products, full size
Spiked Apple Cider candle (unburnt, like new) $25

NEW Sniffie sets!
Metamorphosis 2014: all scents $18

NEW BPTP decants (all 1oz)
An Affinity for Passionflower bath oil $6
An Affinity for Phlox bath oil $6

Rare/event exclusive/trunk show prototype decants
Behemoth (prototype?) $5
NEW Peach VI $5
NEW Peach VIII $5
NEW Peanut Musk $5
Revisiting Scenes of Past Delight $5
NEW Shark Tooth $5
Sing the Wild Song $5
NEW Star Promenade $5
NEW Staurolite $5
Tarasque (prototype?) $5

Click here for the rest of my sales: loads of LE decants up for grabs, bottles and much more!
24th-Oct-2014 01:21 pm - Phase 4 of Mila's destash!!!
Hey guys,

Phase 4 of my BPAL mega destash is now on Ebay! :-) Here's what's listed:

LE Imps:

Cake Smash
Graveyard Dirt (2005!)
A Howl In The Darkness
Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal
Christmas Eve in the Counting House
Cykranoshian Catnip
Chaste Moon
Dark Delicacies
Donna Con Ventaglio
Common Jezebel
Cup of Death
Candy Phoenix
Couple Consulting an Enpon
Dark Chocolate and Pepper Smoked Caramel
The Gibbous Moon
Harikata (I)
Possets Haute Love (ginger & chocolate)


Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms
Hollywood Babylon (aged)
Pink Mood
I Married a Vampire from Planet X
Pink Snowballs
Harigata II
Tattered Lace
Plague Doctor v13

Plus 2 aged GC imp packs!

Phase 3 still has 2 days to go, with lots of sniffies & L.E. bottles.

Hi Everyone....I have some awesome stuff for sale on Ebay. Lots of Possets Oils ..some DSH Perfume Oils and a few BPAL's left. Lot's of other cool goodies, hair, makeup, Chili Peppers Memorabilia and loads more. Check it out here:
NIN - Nine Inch Nails
I have two spots in my Halloween circle (Pile of Fallen Leaves and Visions of Autumn IV), which can be found here. There is still no CNS on that order.

US Shipping: $4.00
International Shipping: Varies, $6.00 - $8.00 typically
Trading post items will have the shipping calculated for.
I include candy, frimps, things of that sort in packages.
All are wrapped with teflon tape.

* Adoration of the Mi-Go (BNNU) $20
* Black Moon 2011 (BNNU) $15
* Eternal (BNNU) $13
* Harvest Moon 2011 (BNNU) $20
* Honey Mone (Above Label) $13
* Lead Phoenix (BNNU) $15
* Leather Phoenix (BNNU) $25
* Monsterbait: Underbed (BNNU) $50
* Moon of Horses (BNNU) $15
* Mountain of Bone (Top of label) $20
* Nagarjuna V2 (Just below label) $15
* Pumpkin IV 2005 (Just below top of label) Pumpkin with sandalwood and orris. $10
* Spanked Revisited (BNNU) $25
* Spiked Punch (Above Label) $25
* Stardust 2005 (BNNU; ebay lab purchase) $20
* The Black Apple of Saturn (BNNU) $20
* The Last Evening of the Year (BNNU) $20
* The Snow Maiden (BNNU) $20
* The Vampire Bride (BNNU) $20
* Tin Phoenix (BNNU) $15
* Venus (Above Label) $15
* Venusian Phoenix (BNNU) $20
* White Chocolate Martini (50%) $10
* Winter Heavens 2011 (BNNU) $15
* Yule 2011 (BNNU) $15
* Zorya (BNNU) $25

**General Catalogue Decants: $4**
Alice, The Reaper of Cruelty
Ginny, The Reaper of Vengeance
Sarah, The Mother Bear

**Random Limited Edition Decants:**
Black Apple of Saturn (Full) $3
Black Swallowtail (1/2 Decant - Never Used): $2.25
Large Mouth Bass (1/2 Decant - Never Used): $3.50
Peach VI (1/2 Decant - Never Used): $3.50
Peach VII (1/2 Decant - Never Used): $3.50
Southern Cloudywing (Full Decant - Never Used): $4.25
Staurolite (1/2 Decant - Never Used): $3.50
Karme (Full): $2
Karme (Full): $2

Basil Hallward's Studio Prototype Goblin Squirt (Label stained - $1)
Queen Croquet's Ground Goblin Squirt (BNNU): $1
L’Inverno (Atmo Spray Decant) $5
La Primavera (Atmo Spray Decant) $5
Oceans of Love and Million of Kisses Bath Oil (BNNU from etsy): $25
Passionflower Bath Oil (1oz Decant, Never Used): $6

Twice is Nice

Luau Lounge Detangler Mist (Never Used): $7
23rd-Oct-2014 02:15 pm(no subject)
Shipping is $3.50 within the US and International shipping will be calculated.

Antique Lace (old style label shows some wear, full to shoulder) $120 shipped priority mail in box with insurance. sold
Elf V4 (2mm below tol, wandcapped) $70 sold

Antique Lace (1/2 bottle) $65 pending
XCDL13 (half bottle) $65 pending
Protagoras $50
Siberian Musk $30
Tricksy $28
Hesiod's Phoenix (full to just under shoulder) $35 sold
So Below (at top of label)- $20
Anaxagoras (at shoulder with dip) $25
Dee 10ml bottle $30 sold
Candles Moon (just below tol) $15
Herr Drosselmeyer 2010 $12
Sumatran Red Patchouli $30
Egg Nog 2010 (1/2 bottle) $10
Pumpkin II 2012 (half bottle) $12
The Visionary (full w/dip) $18
Elegba $15
Run Soaked French Tonka $30
Lilith vs. The Giant Crab $18
Frumious Bandersnatch $23
The Harvesters (full w/dip) $18
Love and Sleep (above tol) $20
Edgar Miche $25
Aubin Crandpied Bunmanchi $20
Peach VI (half bottle in original bottle) $15
Peach VII (half bottle in original bottle) $15 sold
Peach VIII (half bottle in original bottle) $15 sold
Brown Thrasher (half bottle in original bottle) $15 sold
Star Promenade (half bottle in original bottle) $15 sold
Callidora (half bottle in original) $13 sold
Son of Bigger Critter (at shoulder with dip) $45 sold
Sing the Wild Song $25 sold
Caberet Goth (above tol, label has some wear) $40
Halloween in Las Vegas (half bottle) $15
Snake Charmer res (at tol) $40
The Arabian Dance $25
Wilf $25 sold
Black Lace (I think this is the original version with the teal label) $40 sold
Black Lace (re-release?) $30
Banshee Beat $65 sold
Tweedledum Bonbon (at shoulder with dip) $15
Hexennacht 2008 $12
Banned in Boston $30
Kneel Down, Fair Love and Fill Thyself with Tears $18
Corrupt Chancellor $20
Eldrich Dark $25 sold
Bathtub Gin $25
Ian (Only Lovers Left Alive) $25
Kit (Only Lovers Left Alive) $25
Our Hearts Condemn Us (OLLA) $25
Funnel of Love (OLLA) $25
Cafe Mille $25
The Diamond's Gong (just under shoulder) $26 sold
In Templum Dei $25
Gingerbread Troll (just over half bottle) $14 sold
Who In The World Am I $20
What Ought to have been A Red Rose Tree $20
Molly (Pretty Deadly) $18
Beauty (Pretty Deadly) $18
Alice (Pretty Deadly) $18
Sarah (Pretty Deadly) $18
Tacitus' Phoenix $20
Vial of Holy Water $15
Skekna the Slave Master (half bottle) $10
Noh Mask and Maple Leaves (at shoulder with dip) $15
Vain Sorceress (half bottle) $15
The Ring $15
Wicked Matriarch (half bottle) $12
The Evening Star (A Demon in My View, half bottle, worn label) $15 sold
Eldricht Drunken Constellations $18
Port Royal $15
Whip (at tol, label has some wear) $12
Old Demons of the First Class $15
Plunder $15
Leopold Freherr Von Tsemekwes $25
East African Black Patchouli $30
Knight in Shiny Armor (1/2 bottle) $15

Goblin Statue (Red) with Goblin Sack perfume (tested cleanly 2x, will require more shipping) $110
-Goblin Sack (perfume only) $75
-Goblin statute only $50
Crypt Princess with Crypt - $65 pending
Shiny Furball hairgloss (sprayed a couple of times, about 1/2 inch above tol) $28
Knock A Dolly Atmo $15 ($4 shipping in an envelope, more if box is required)

Haunt perfume oils from summer sale- $10 each or take them all for $50 shipped
Summer Crush
Dragon Fly
Fairgrounds and Fireworks
Under the Ivy
Mother of Pearl
23rd-Oct-2014 01:14 pm - Remaining weenies and other LEs
Yoshitaka Amano #01
For anyone a bit behind on ordering their weenies, I still have a good amount of spots open here.
The following are the number of full decants still available, but I'm offering half decants and also letting people buy out the rest of the bottles if desired:

All Saints: 1.5
Devil's Night: 3.5
Feeding the Dead: 3
Magnificent Autumn: 2
Samhain: 2
Suck It: 2
Visions of Autumn I: 3.5
Visions of Autumn II: 3.5
Visions of Autumn III: 1
Visions of Autumn V: 4
Bonfire: 1
Fog Machine Juice: 3
Graveyard Dirt Redux: 1
Last Year's Stale Candycorn: 3.5
Pile of Fallen Leaves: 2
Pumpkin Spice Everything: 2
Stage Blood: .5
Pumpkin I: 1.5
Pumpkin II: 3.5
Pumpkin III: 1
Pumpkin V: .5

I also have other goodies for sale:

LE Bottles

Peach VI (50%) - $11.50
Son of Bigger Critter (90%)- $37

LE Decants
$3.50 unless otherwise marked

Berry Moon '09
Black Swallowtail x 2 - $4.60 each
Diamond Star (50%) - $3
Eldritch Drunken Constellations
Encroaching Madness
Fuwu Bansaku in Ruined Temple with Black Monster on Umbrella
Go to Sleep, Darlings (50%) - $3
Hellhound on My Trail
Hesiod's Phoenix - $7
Knight in Shiny Armor
Laughter of Loki (1/3-ish) - $1.50
Loosening of the Obi
Love and Pain (1/2) - $3
Luperci '10
Pink Snowballs (50%)
So Below
Star Promenade (50%)
Staurolite (50%)
Und Wir Dachten der Toten (80%-ish full imp) - $3.30
Wolf Spider (1/2) - $3
Yucca Giant-Skipper - $4.60

GC Bottles
Will sell/swap as is or decant if requested.

Beauty, the Aggrieved (55%) - $15.50
Kroenen - $24
Lady Death: Savage (40%) - $11
Lily, The Prostitute (20%) - $5

Morocco (just under lip) - $16
Sissy, The Ascendant (60%) - $16.50

GC Imps / Decants
$2 unless otherwise marked

Coil, The
Kubla Khan
Mantis (DC)
Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, The
Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

Bath Oils

Ice Prince, The (1/2 imp-sized decant) - $2
Rags to Riches (~1/5 full in original bottle) - $7

Thanks for looking!

Wishlist here:

I love to swap! Please reference your BPAL forum name or a feedback page if we have not swapped before. I also love to look at lists, so try me!
I am also very open to swapping for most natural and/or organic products.

Forum feedback can be found here:

Shipping will be $2.50 to anywhere in the US for as many imps/decants/bottles as you would like!
I am happy to ship to other locations, but please message me for shipping rates.

LE 5ml:
-Avunculus (about 1 decant left in bottle) $5
-Angeronalia full to just above label $10
-Detestable Putrescence a bit over 1/3 full- wandcapped $7*pending
-Dolce Stil Nuovo (rose otto, carnation, vanilla flower, lavender and jasmine with the clarity of crystalline white musk and the warmth of golden amber) Full $12
-Eat Me V6 full to label $14
-Hearts for Ghost Friends (over 1/3 bottle) $8*pending
-The Hierophant and the Empress (about 1/4 bottle) $6
-Lotus Moon about 2/3 full $10

TAL Decants:
Blinding Glory of Love (80%) $4
Temple of the Resurrected God $4

LE Decants (full, and $3 each unless noted otherwise):
-13 2010
-Areia 2011 Lupercalia, Ode to Aphrodite (Dragon's blood resin, pimento berry, olive wood, rosemary, black cherry, persimmon, red musk, and red rose)
-Beaver Moon 2010
-Chaos Theory IV CCCXXXI (half full) -'clean' smelling $2
-Decadence (2004 unreleased)
-Dolly Kei $4
-Evening Stock SN $4*pending
-Gelt 2011
-La Calavera Catrina
-Libra 2007
-Lotus Moon (opium-laced golden lotus with rich amber, pine resin, and rose otto)
-Love in the Asylum (1/2 full decant) $2
-Purple Spotted Swallowtail
-Red Moon 2007
-Season of Ghosts (about 80% full)
-The Last Squished Jellybean
-The Unheavenly City $4
-Venustas $4.60

GC Imps ($1 each or as marked- at least 80% full unless noted):
-#20 Love Oil
-Juke Joint

BPTP Stuff:
-Lich's Laboratory- (1/2 full goblin squirt) $1
-Snow Bunny atmosphere spray- sample decanted into 5ml spritzer bottle $4

Empties/Sniffies/Testers (free with purchase):
-Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple (CCCCA) sniffie imp
-Hope (empty bottle with testable amount and wandcap- oil soaked label)
-MB: Bloody Mary (sniffie imp- possibly testable)
-In the Darkness they Murmured and Mingled BPTP candle wax sample- This was tunneling terribly, so I chopped a few chunks off, and have been using them in my tart burner. I am happy to send someone a chunk to see if they like the scent.
-Mermaid (testable sniffie)
-Venustas (5ml bottle with testable amount left)*pending
-Very Pink Surprise Cake (testable sniffie)

Perfumes/Essential and Fragrance oils:
-AFTELIER PERFUMES- Oud Luban Natural Solid Perfume Sample $4
-Aroma Land Rosemary essential oil (10ml, about 60% full) $3
-Aura Cacia essential oil- Euphoria blend- tester bottle with manky label (.25oz bottle, about 1/2 full) $2
-Aura Cacia Opening Heart Chakra Balancing aromatherapy (full .31oz roll-on bottle) $10
-1/3oz bottle of Bliss Mist, Silk Road organic perfume mist from Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals (Approximately 80% full) $10
-Blooddrop- Candy Corn 5ml (full) $5
-Blooddrop oils- Wild Myrrh (full 5ml bottle) $5
-Bramble Berry fragrance oil- Pinot Grigio (75% full). I had a bottle of orange oil spill and remove the label, so it is relabeled with a handwritten label. $2
-Coastal Scents Cocoa Absolute Essential Oil- Imp sized decant $3
-Coastal Scents Rose Absolute Essential Oil- Imp sized decant $3
-NOW brand PURE Sandalwood (Santalum album) essential oil. This is NOT a jojoba blend, it is 100% pure essential oil. Imp sized decant $10
-Pacifica Solid Perfume- Lotus Garden- (full size- 10 grams) about 3/4 full $5
-Simplers Botanicals Jasmine Perfume Oil (full 5ml) $9

I also have several bottles of essential oil blends from Essential Wholesale.

I had a bottle of orange oil spill and remove the names on the labels of these, so they are all relabeled with a handwritten strip. All bottles are 1oz, and full unless noted. Blends are as follows- see website for descriptions:

-Clarity -(Blended with the Essential Oils of - Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Spearmint, Lavender, Ginger Root, Ravensara, Cinnamon Leaf, Lemongrass, Helichrysum, and Roman Chamomile) $6
-Flower Power- (Blended with the Essential Oils of - Ylang Ylang II, Geranium, Lavender, and Lemon) $12
-Vital Skin - (Blended with the Essential Oils of - Bergamot, Tea Tree, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, and Geranium) $16

Skin/Body Care:
-Avalon Organics Botanicals Vitamin C Renewal Hydrating Cleansing Milk- full, sealed 8.5oz. bottle $7
-Coastal Scents 100% natural, pure African Black Soap- large (approximately 5oz) bar $4
-EO unscented organic gel hand sanitizer- (full 2oz. bottle) $3
-St. Ives scrub-free exfoliating pads- brand new, sealed tub of 60 pads $4

-925 Sterling Silver Turquoise Look Stone Ring- This is a marked .925 sterling silver ring with a neat looking Turquoise(?) style stone. I would guess it to be about a size 6 or so, but am unsure. Picture on request. $8
-I have TONS of earrings- Lots of styles- studs, dangles and hoops, goldtone and silvertone, some with gemstones, crystals or rhinestones. Many with glass beads. Pictures on request. $1 each
-Wiccan protective pentacle earrings- brand new, silvertone, double sided- pictures on request. $4

-Hard shell style sunglasses or eyeglasses case- blue with daisies all over it. Picture on request. $3
-Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End computer game for PC by Disney. This is brand new and sealed $5
-Shojo Beat- Halloween special magazine, October 2008, still sealed in plastic. $5
-Creamy white, official Walt Disney Cinderella purse. Good condition, light wear, picture on request. $8

I am also always open for swaps from my Etsy shops- I have a ton of stuff, ranging from crushed mineral makeup, aromatherapy, natural bath and body and jewelry, to craft supplies, antique and vintage treasures: and

I am a MakeupAlley member too! http://www.makeupall...cktotheearth213

And am open to swaps from my accounts, and often have extra credits I am willing to swap.

girl, flowers, red

If you'd like to see or leave feedback, it's here>

If you're interested in anything, please either comment on the post, or message me. You can email me as well at Thanks for your time and attention!!! Dark Roses

22nd-Oct-2014 11:30 pm - destashing sale - please take a look!
And my health insurance sucks *sigh*... need to pay a big bill! Please take a look...
Shipping is $3 in a padded (recycled) mailer. US only right now please

Black Lace (grey label) 1/2 full - $30 [what i paid, sorry]
Mourning Lace - full to neck $28
Witchblade Sara Pezzini - full to neck - $24
Knight in Shiny Armour - 3/4 full - $19
Banned in Boston - full into neck - $28
Lawful (no label, won on ebay, does NOT like me) - below shoulder - $10
Lady Luck Blues - above TOL - $15
Lavina the Creature - 1/2 full - $13
Yew Berry Infused Honey - 2/3 full - $15
The Arbor - TOL - $15
Inferno - TOL - $15
Ile de la Tortue - below TOL - $15
Leather Phoenix - 1/2 full - $14
Krampus 2013 - 3/4 full - $16
Spanish Red Carnation SN - very slightly under TOL - $20
Annurca Apple Blosson SN - above TOL - $21
Goblin Cider - 3/4 full- $18
Velvet Panther v3 - TOL - $20
Peacock Queen 2013 - 1/2 full - $12
Priala the Human Phoenix - full to neck - $28
Bette Noir - full to neck - $25
The Putrescent Juice of Earth's Inner Horrors 2013 - little over 1/3 full - $11

Decants from my bottles $5 each -
Autumn Lace
Khajuraho 2013
Peach I
Funnel of Love
Summer Lace
Red lace
Luna Negra 2011
Dolly Kei
Berry Moon 2011
Box O' Chocolates - Dark chocolate with Wormwood, etc.

also The Gatekeeper (x4) $5 each
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